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   Chapter 1270 The Sleeping Beauty (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5945

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"Stop talking nonsense! It's all my fault. I failed to find out that you had a thing for Kevin. Oh my god! I even let you get close to him! From now on, you are forbidden to contact him, meet him, or even look at him. Disobey me and I'll sue you myself for sabotaging a military marriage even though you are my daughter!" The Commander closed his eyes in embarrassment. What a shameless daughter he had! How could he face Kevin now? But he knew that he was at fault too. He had been so busy working all these years that he had neglected his daughter's education. And now she had become a willful person with no morals.

"Ha! You think that I would still have the chance to get close to Kevin? He hates me and won't see me anymore. It's all your fault! When they applied for a marriage license, you should have used your position to turn down their request. Leena wouldn't have become Mrs. Gu!" Louisa's voice teetered on the edge of hysteria. She was such a selfish and spoiled little brat that she still put the blame on others despite what had happened, oblivious to her own mistakes. In her eyes, she had been betrayed by everyone including her father.

"What? You still haven't learned your lesson? Have you got no shame, you woman? I am so humiliated because of what you have done. Look at you! Even if Kevin were not married, he would never choose someone like you. You are a disgrace. Just stop the delusions and come back to reality!" The Commander sighed with profound resignation. He had been so busy at work that he hardly had any time for his family. He now felt much guilt and felt responsible for what became of his daughter. He always met her requests and satisfied her every whim to make up for his absence. He now realized that it was him who had spoiled his daug

horities to reassign it to Hank." The Commander was not an unreasonable person, albeit an understanding one. He could imagine Kevin being too preoccupied with this crisis to carry out his tasks effectively.

"Thank you, Commander. I was planning to discuss it with you. You are so thoughtful as to give me a break." That was the reason why Kevin respected the Commander very much. The Commander always placed himself in others' position and was kind enough to meet their real needs.

"Don't worry about your work. Just take care of your wife. I'll be responsible for everything in the army base," the Commander offered. He had to do this to make up for his daughter's mistakes. After all, Louisa was his only daughter, and he had to deal with the mess she had created.

"All right. Thank you, Commander." Kevin could imagine what a difficult position the Commander was in right now, and that was why he didn't hold Louisa accountable for what she had done. After all, Edward had already punished Louisa. Kevin decided to let go of it, otherwise the Commander would be in an awkward position. Someday, maybe he and Leena would find a way to forgive her and forget about all this.

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