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   Chapter 1269 Duke's Wrath (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5809

Updated: 2019-03-08 01:51

"No rush. I can go and see the obstetrician later. Kevin, why don't you go home and have a shower first? We can watch over Leena. You have been here the entire night." Belinda looked at Kevin's tired face. He was family and she felt sorry for him. She understood how tired and worried he must be feeling right now. He deserved a good shower to freshen up.

"I will wait until after Leena wakes up. I want to be the first one she sees when she opens her eyes. She'd like it too." Kevin smiled a little, but his smile was bitter. When he had suddenly left, it had made Leena think the worst of him. Now he was determined to never disappoint her again.

"You should listen to Belinda. Just go home and freshen up. Leena won't wake up so soon," Tom said to Kevin. From the heavy bags under Kevin's eyes, Tom could tell that he was indeed exhausted. He had heard that Kevin didn't sleep in two days, so Tom was touched that he was willing to watch over Leena in this state.

"Fine, I will be back soon." Kevin glanced at Leena with concern. He was afraid that Leena would wake up in his absence and leaned down to gently kiss her on the lips, in spite of others' presence. As Kevin slowly walked out of the room, he kept turning around to look back at Leena.

Not long after Kevin left, Daisy arrived. She wanted to see Leena before she went back to the army base, but Leena still hadn't woken up. Daisy didn't stay for long as there were still a lot of things at the army base she had to deal with. Besides, she had to visit the injured soldiers before she went back. She didn't have much time.

To the people who loved and cared for Leena, the night was painful. At the same time, it was a suffering to Louisa. She had been forced to l

with something myself! I will make them pay for what they have done to me. Just you see." Louisa touched her face where her father had slapped her. It hurt. Her eyes burned like fire as she glared at her father, who was as furious as she was. She refused to back down and admit that what she had done was wrong.

"From now on, you are not allowed to leave this house! If you do go out, don't ever come back." Commander Ye shook with rage. He couldn't understand why his daughter was behaving like this. Where did he go wrong with her? He could manage soldiers worth an entire army base, but he couldn't manage his own daughter? How ridiculous! He was a failure of a father.

"Don't worry, I won't come back! Do you think I give a fuck? What good is being your daughter? I can't have the man I like. My own father wouldn't help me when I'm bullied! You are a coward for a father. You don't want me as your daughter? That's fine. I don't want you to be my father either!" Louisa raised her chin at the commander and raised an eyebrow. She was the same as she had been when she got shipped abroad. She felt there was no place for her in this family anymore.

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