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   Chapter 1268 Duke's Wrath (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5946

Updated: 2019-03-08 01:35

"That won't be necessary. I'm all right. Thank you for your concern." As a soldier, Kevin was used to being injured, so he didn't care much. Besides, he deserved it for not protecting Leena. He was not a good husband at all and was not as caring and attentive as he should have been.

Duke still glared daggers at Kevin. He didn't think what he had done just now was wrong. Leena had never been hurt before she met Kevin. But ever since she married this guy, all kinds of accidents kept happening to her non-stop. How could Duke not be mad at Kevin?

"Leena, please wake up! I'm here." When Duke finally saw Leena lying on her hospital bed, his heart broke. Her face was extremely pale. She seemed so lackluster and lifeless. When he had seen her in Paris last time, he thought she was at her worst. He had been wrong. Nothing broke his heart more than the pale little face he saw right now. Her breath was shallow, as if she were seconds away from leaving them for good. Duke was heartbroken and afraid at the same time.

Kevin, on the other side of the bed, stared at Leena with pain and affection in his eyes. He wanted to hold her in his arms so badly, but he knew it was not the right time to do so. He knew that Duke was probably even more devastated than him. Leena was the little princess in their family. Duke had watched her grow up into a beautiful and kind young lady. It must be heartbreaking for him to see her like this, so Kevin tried his best to contain his emotions.

"Tom, what's wrong with Leena? Why hasn't she woken up yet?" Duke asked Tom anxiously. Leena was out of her dangerous condition, right? Tom had confirmed it. So why was she still asleep?

"Don't worry about it. She will wake up. It's just a matter of time," Tom said as he carefully chec

se he knew he deserved it, but that didn't mean that he would compromise on everything. He was not a Major General for no reason.

"All right, all right. That's enough, you two! Don't you see that Leena is still lying here? You are arguing about something that the two of you don't even have the right to decide! You should know that is Leena's choice." Belinda couldn't help but roll her eyes at them. They were such fools. It was ultimately Leena's decision if she wanted to stay with Kevin or not. Why couldn't they understand such a simple thing?

"Humph!" Duke's eyes did not move from Kevin. He still could not forgive Kevin. Kevin, in turn, stared back defiantly. It seemed that the feud that had always been between them rose again.

"Tom, could you please find a good obstetrician for me? I want to get a check-up done," A deep blush appeared on Belinda's face as she said this. Now that Tom had guessed that she might be pregnant, there was no need to hide it anymore. After all, Tom was their close friend.

"No problem. Do you want to see the obstetrician right now?" Tom looked at his watch. It was almost eight o'clock in the morning. The doctors should be here.

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