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   Chapter 1267 Duke's Wrath (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6071

Updated: 2019-03-08 00:48

Belinda just smiled, not saying a word to Duke. It confused him. He had no idea what was up until he got dragged to the ICU. All of a sudden, he felt a bad feeling creep up on him. He looked at Kevin. Why was he here? Who was in the ICU? Why did Belinda get him to this place? Duke had an answer to all the questions in his head, but he refused to believe it.

"What the hell is going on? Why am I here?" Duke didn't want to assume the worst, but he had a terrible feeling. He lost his usual cool, afraid of hearing their reply. The panic in his heart rose.

Kevin and Belinda looked at each other. They wondered how to break the bad news to Duke without making him go crazy. Neither of them opened their mouths. They didn't know how to explain the situation.

"Duke? I thought you were still abroad? When did you come back?" Tom, who had just gotten out of the ICU, asked in surprise when he saw Duke. He had come out to tell Kevin that Leena was finally stable and not in dangerous condition.

"I am the one being kept in the dark! Why are you all here so early in the morning? Who's in there?" Duke looked from one person to another. His heart pounded faster in his chest as he got more and more anxious.

"Okay, let me explain the situation to you," Tom said, slightly furrowing his eyebrows. Fortunately, Leena was out of the dangerous condition now, so there was no need to hide this from her brother. To be honest, they couldn't hide something this big from Duke anyway, even if they wanted to. The real problem here was how to tell him.

Belinda and Kevin looked at him with grateful eyes as he said this. As Leena's doctor, Tom was the most appropriate person to explain Leena's condition to Duke.

"Then tell me! I'm still waiting!" Duke urged. He didn't understand what Tom was so hesitant about

ng over this!" Belinda knew Duke would be worried sick over Leena and vexed with Kevin. That was why she didn't tell him the news the minute she got to know it. Now, looking at Duke, she felt she had made the right decision.

"Can I go in and see Leena now?" Duke turned to look at Tom with expectation, trying his best to contain his rage towards Kevin.

"Just wait a minute. Let us run a final test on her and make sure she is really stable. Then we will transfer her to a private ward." Tom could understand how anxious Duke was. After all, everyone knew how much he loved his sister and how he always spoiled her. But still, what was more important right now was Leena's health. Duke would have to wait for a few minutes until the check-up was done.

At this, Duke didn't insist on seeing Leena anymore and glared at Kevin one more time. 'Don't tell me that Leena's accident actually has something to do with you, Kevin, or I will make you pay for it, ' Duke thought.

"Kevin, why don't you go and see a nurse for your wounds? We will wait here for Leena," Belinda suggested to Kevin apologetically. She felt bad about Duke's violent behavior, not having expected him to hit Kevin out of the blue.

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