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   Chapter 1266 Edward’s Tricks (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5915

Updated: 2019-03-08 00:25

"Hey. Why don't you catch some zzz's? I can stay here, and make sure she's okay," Tom suggested, when he walked out of the ward and saw Kevin's tired face.

"Naw. I'm good.. How's Leena? Is she alright?" Kevin asked eagerly. He was still deeply concerned, and that eclipsed his need for sleep. Leena's condition was what worried him most.

"Currently, her vital signs are normal. I'd like to keep her under observation for a few hours. If she stays stable, we can transfer her to a normal bed." Tom felt delighted to tell Kevin this. More importantly, he could see clearly that Leena had the will to survive now. That was some serious progress. He wanted to see everything be okay again, which was why he became a doctor in the first place.

"Really? Great. It's all thanks to you." Kevin got very excited when he heard Tom's words. He really wanted to hold Tom's hands to show his thanks. But he gave up when he found that he had that cup of coffee in his hand. Even so, he couldn't help feeling overjoyed. He hadn't felt like this in awhile.

"Hey, no need to thank me, thank yourself. You lit that spark in her. She improved as soon as you started talking to her. Whatever you said did the trick. " Tom didn't really want to know what Kevin said to Leena. In his eyes, as long as it worked, the process was not that important.

"I didn't help that much. You're the hero who saved the day." Kevin smiled. The past several hours were torturing to him. So he would keep this lesson in his mind and never let any situation deteriorate again.

"You're too kind. No matter what, Leena's my sister. So don't worry about it. And don't pay any attention to Edward and the gang. They said what they said because they were worried about Leena," Tom said after he sat d

out of the airport holding each other. What a loving couple!

"Where are we going? Don't we need to go home first?" Duke asked doubtfully when he saw that Belinda missed the turnoff for the highway.

"Didn't you say that you want me to get a checkup at the hospital? Let's drop by there now. We can save time and energy," Belinda said with evasive eyes. She didn't tell him now that Leena was fighting with death. She didn't want him to lose his mind. That was probably not what he wanted to hear right when he got home.

"But we don't have to do it so early. I just got in. And it's probably too early for a nurse practitioner." Duke looked at her with doubt in his eyes. Didn't she say that she was alright? But why did she seem like she wanted to rush to the hospital?

"Don't worry. I just called Tom. He's there now. He'll get everything set up," It was hard to keep lying. Belinda now regretted that she came up with such a lame excuse.

"Okay, it's all you. But wasn't Tom pissed? I know he likes his beauty sleep." Duke didn't have any reason not to believe Belinda. But subconsciously he had a hunch that something was wrong. He just didn't know what it was.

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