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   Chapter 1265 Edward’s Tricks (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5645

Updated: 2019-03-08 00:15

"Yeah, you're right, we're not noble. So watch your mouth," Edward said with a cunning smile. Since he couldn't torture her physically, he would like to change the tactic and torture her psychologically. He liked seeing his foes cowering in fear of what he might do. He hoped later she would be as tough as she used to be. If she really went crazy with what she would suffer next, he was not the one to blame anyway.

"Edward, any ideas of what you want to do with her?" Rain asked blissfully. Truth to be told, he had never seen a woman so pretentious and arrogant. He was anticipating what came next. Edward knew a lot about punishing people.

"Luke, bring all the home theater equipment in here. Find some horror movies, any old one will do. Put 'em on repeat, so they just play 24/7. Crank up the volume as high as it will go. And get her a blanket, if you feel sorry for her." Edward left the room as soon as he gave his orders, leaving no room for her to negotiate. She pissed him off, and had to pay the piper.

"No, Edward, you bastard! You can't treat me like this! My father will hear about this, and you'll pay, believe me!" Louisa cried out and cursed in fright of the unknown looming danger. Louisa never expected that Edward would resort to such a terrible means to deal with her. But all she could do was scream at blank walls that had no answer for her.

"Save it!" Luke shot her a cold look. If she'd just kept her mouth shut, Edward wouldn't have been driven to this point. She wouldn't be treated like this. But she decided to insult him, and Edward never took that well. She had to pay.

"What a great idea! You are a genius!" Rain followed Edward and jogged to c

ed at him, but finally said nothing. What was there to say? He turned around and walked into the ward. He knew that Kevin was facing something he never had to worry about before. He was a young and talented Major General, but behind his shining appearance, he had to taste the bitterness of life alone.

The winter night was bitingly cold, especially at four or five in the morning. Frost glittered on the buildings and the grass. Looking outside through the window, Kevin could see the trunk of the tree had been sheathed in ice -- like it had melted and frozen just as quickly. He could imagine how cold it was outside. He had been sitting here for hours. Although sometimes he stood up and walked here and there out of uneasiness, he still felt stiff all over.

He took a small sip of coffee. His cold body was warmed as soon as the hot liquid streamed down his throat. The hot coffee relaxed him, making him feel a bit comfortable. But fatigue still got the better of him. He didn't get a nap before. But as time passed, he felt drained of energy. It was hard to feel good now, and the only thing he wanted was a bed.

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