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   Chapter 1263 Evil Is Rewarded With Evil (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5399

Updated: 2019-03-07 01:21

"Don't be rude to a girl, Edward. You know what? Girls are delicate. We must be gentle to them. Moreover, we have to satisfy their vanity. How about asking some men to serve her?" Rain followed Edward behind, but not as fast. No one could ignore a conspicuous figure like him. As soon as he was quiet, Louisa felt completely deflated. Her arrogance was gone.

"What do you want to do? My father is a commander. How dare you take such liberties!" Horrified, Louisa shrank back against the wall. She looked at Rain in a panic, fearing that he would act on his threat and let men violate her. She wasn't stupid. She certainly knew what Rain meant.

"Do you hear what she said? Her father is a commander," asked Edward, lightly shaking his head accompanied by exaggerated gestures. But even so, he still looked handsome.

"So what? That's none of my business! Bring me a bucket of water. Fill it with ice cubes, please," said Rain, wearing a mischievous smile. He could be as scheming as Edward if he wanted to.

"Come on, Rain. You just said I was rude to her. What do you want to do? Do you want to give her a cool shower?" Edward sneered. It was a good idea. His wife had only warned them not to hurt Louisa, but that didn't bar them from giving her a cool shower, if they wanted.

"You have no idea, Edward. It's a very comfortable shower. Leena can't enjoy it alone. It has to be shared. Miss Ye should enjoy it too." At his words, Rain extended his hand to cup Louisa hard at the chin. The dark, expressionless face he wore looked as if it was carved of stone, his smile bone-chilling. He withdrew his hand

stic bucket and poured the cold water and ice cubes along Louisa's neck, doing it leisurely slow, as if it was a special moment to savor.

"Ah! Damn! Help! Help me! You're trying to kill me! Bad ass!" It shocked Louisa that they weren't bluffing. She screamed out, shivering with cold and jumping about like a cat on a hot tin roof, as she tried to shake out the ice cubes inside her clothes.

"Have you prepared a camera or something for this sexy scene, Edward?" With wicked thoughts, Rain proposed.

"Don't you have a phone? You can take some pictures with your phone." Edward rolled his eyes at Rain. It was what Rain wanted. He ordered to pour ice cubes into Louisa's clothes, and then he could take some pictures. Only a shameless man like him could come up with such a mean trick.

"You're right. Such amazing photos will be an instant hit on the Internet." Eagerly, Rain took out his phone and took pictures of Louisa's messy clothes. It was known to all that women's curvy body could often arouse men's desire. The click-through rate would certainly be high.

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