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   Chapter 1262 Evil Is Rewarded With Evil (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5546

Updated: 2019-03-07 01:21

"I have to go back to my office. Let me know at once if anything happens to Leena." Feeling a little tired, Tom had to take a nap now, to keep his mind clear in an emergency.

"Okay. Get your things done first." For coming to Leena's rescue, Kevin was much obliged to Tom.

"Are you all right, Kevin?" A worried Claire asked as soon as Tom left. The usually flamboyant Kevin appeared wholly drained of color.

"I'm fine. Rest assured! Now tell me what happened," Kevin inquired. As far as he knew, Claire was in the villa. Why did she stay with Leena and Louisa?

"I'm really sorry. If it hadn't been for me, Leena wouldn't have quarreled with Louisa." Bit by bit, Claire told Kevin the whole story, her eyes looking downcast. Her voice was shaky, on the verge of tears. She was really frightened.

"Don't cry. God protects the good. Leena will be okay." With a tired, sad expression, Kevin let out a sigh, wondering how little he knew about his wife. It had surprised him to learn that she was such a famous fashion designer abroad. Now he kicked himself for not having known it when he saw her stuff in the workshop. Genuinely, he felt sorry for not having paid attention. How could he be so uncaring?

"I don't understand, Kevin. Mr. Mu said that Leena could swim, but why did she drown?" Claire had been listening to their talk, so she wondered why.

"Maybe she was bitterly disappointed in me, so she chose to escape," sighed Kevin. It was clear that Leena always dressed following the latest trends. She always had a great sense of fashion. No wonder she even had her own opinions and taste about his clothes. To discover that Leena majored i

no escape. For that, she shouted even louder. You'd think there was a ferocious beast caged and feeling threatened within her.

"Oh? I wonder how you'll make us suffer." Edward's face fell. He walked in with a mocking, arrogant smile.

"It's you, Edward. Why do you detain me here?" At the sight of Edward, Louisa was taken aback. This man was so noble and extraordinary that she could only look at him from a distance.

"Why? Do you think I brought you here for sex because you're pretty? Look at you. I wouldn't even take a hopeless jackass like you for a housekeeper!" The man grinned wickedly. As Daisy said, he couldn't lash this woman, but he could torture her in other ways.

"You… You're contemptible, Edward!" Frustrated and fully aware there wasn't much she could do, Louisa looked at Edward with conflicted emotions. She didn't know whether to keep on with threats, hoping somehow he'd back down or if playing to his bloated ego would help. But both options were improbable, given the gravity of her offense. With this in mind, she was only left to gaze on with resignation and apathy.

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