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   Chapter 1260 You're Just Tired (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6106

Updated: 2019-03-07 00:50

"Wait! Where are you going?" repeated Daisy, standing in front of them and blocking their way. Until Leena was clearly out of the danger zone, she didn't want any other disturbances created.

"We're going to drag the culprit in and deal with her," Rain blurted out. He was too furious and excited to notice that Edward kept shooting him warning glances.

"Whom are you guys referring to?" Both Daisy and Kevin arrived at the hospital later and didn't know who put his wife into the critical condition she was in.

"For this, you must ask Edward!" Rain met Edward's angry stare and immediately realized that he was being stupid by telling Daisy such things. Daisy, beyond doubt, would stop them from bringing Louisa to justice.

"Mr. Edward Mu, I don't believe that you're hiding it from me," said Daisy, raising her eyebrows. Strict discipline was imposed on soldiers, which meant that they couldn't deal with things using questionable means. Under all circumstances, she would try to prevent them from lynching Louisa. Being court-martialed was the last thing she wanted. Besides, tolerating this kind of wrongdoing would make her an accomplice. More than that, she was afraid that Kevin's name would get dragged in the mud if Louisa was hurt. After all, both she and Kevin were special and they couldn't talk their way out of this.

"Damn! Listen to me. It's rumored that it's the commander's daughter who pushed Leena into the swimming pool. Now, she's being held by Luke in the FX International Group building." Belinda was well aware of the potentially severe consequences of this. So, she didn't dare to keep their scheme from Daisy. Imprisoning Louisa, they had already broken the law.

"What? It's madness. Release Louisa right now," Daisy demanded. Her brow furrowed in disgust. What a world of madness! Didn

re well-educated civilians, and not some gangsters so they should do things by the book.

"You do trust her. Fine, I will let her go, but not tonight. She has to pay the price of hurting Leena." Edward wasn't going to give in. No matter what, he had to make that woman suffer.

"Ok, I can promise you that. But you must keep her alive, and not hurt her one bit. Otherwise, it would get quite ugly." Daisy knew Edward too well. He always paid his debt. The use of torture on the imprisoned Louisa was inevitable. Daisy didn't care whether Louisa was to be flogged or not, as long as she was alive, it was fine. She also felt Louisa's arrogance and self-will repulsive.

"I will keep her alive and conscious all the time so that she can have a taste of those gruesome tortures and beg for mercy." Edward took no effort in hiding his true thoughts. He had learnt a thousand methods of torturing a man without killing him.

"Don't overdo it. Even though you don't mind pissing off the commander, please put me and Kevin in your mind." Daisy pursed her lips and wondered whether she had followed a bad example. Otherwise, why would she choose to turn a blind eye to these things that she considered terribly wrong?

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