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   Chapter 1259 You're Just Tired (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6096

Updated: 2019-03-07 00:25

"Babe, our fates have been entwined since the day you got drunk and came to me. You stirred up my life and you should take the responsibility. Are you listening? How dare you pretend to be asleep and keep avoiding me?" Kevin was pouring out his feelings of love for Leena. At that moment he regretted having not done it earlier when he had the chance. Human beings couldn't realize mistakes until the very last moment. Regret always came last.

In Leena's subconscious, her mother was looking at her intently with a gentle, comforting face, and calling out to her in a loving voice. However, she had been waiting too long, and ended up being badly hurt. She needed her mother's shoulders to lean against and her mother's soothing voice to repair her broken heart. She longed for everything related to motherhood, her maternal warmth, care and calmness. She started to walk towards her mother who, she knew, would never hurt her.

"Christ! Her heart beats are getting weaker and far in between, we're starting to lose her. Call Doctor Tom, right now!" said an assistant calmly but with a noticeable panic in her voice, picking up speed with her every movement. In response, a nurse rushed outside the room, looking for Tom. The atmosphere in the room got more and more tense, with the monitoring machines and their beep sounds going faster.

Kevin looked around him, confused and scared, not knowing what was happening. But he knew that it wasn't something good. He gripped Leena's hand more firmly. Life or death had never been a big deal for him. However, for the first time, he was scared by the prospect of losing the only woman he really loved and cared about.

"Nurse, prepare for defibrillation. Kevin, go out now!" said Tom hurriedly and in a commanding voice. He rushed into the ward, took a look at Leena, and sn

. Go home, take a shower and hope for the best," said Tom in a tired voice. He rushed to the hospital from an academic seminar, after he received Luke's call. It had also been a long and exhausting day for him.

Kevin felt relieved when he finally got some positive news from Tom. He felt calmness return to him, and smiled his thanks. He knew Leena must have heard his whispers and decided to fight her way back to him.

"I have got more important things to do than rest," replied Edward coldly. 'Commander, it's not my fault. First of all, your daughter has crossed the line. Didn't she know that Leena's my sister and my family? Even I don't dare lay a finger on her. But your daughter easily put her life in danger. Shouldn't I have a nice talk with your girl?' thought Edward inwardly.

"Where are you going?" asked Daisy alertly. Daisy saw Edward's face contort with anger. Deep inside, she knew that something was wrong.

"Can I go with you guys?" asked Rain wickedly. Since Tom had asked them to go home, staying in the hospital wouldn't help. Knowing nothing about medicine, Rain knew he was no use if Leena needed further medical attention. Instead, he had determined to go out and avenge Leena.

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