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   Chapter 1258 You're Just Tired (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5946

Updated: 2019-03-07 00:15

"Kevin should be the one to go inside. Leena might not want to see us." Belinda managed a bitter smile. She had to admit, if she were Leena, she would only want to talk with her husband at this time. That was beyond doubt.

"That's right. Major General, Leena needs your encouragement. I guess she has lost all hopes of living, due to some misunderstandings. Right now, her heart is broken. You should try to explain yourself to her and lift her spirits." As far as Daisy was concerned, if a woman felt her life was hopeless, the man was to blame. In Leena's case, Kevin must be the bane of her miserable life.

"I understand. Thank you," said Kevin while looking at the two women with gratitude. Without their company and sincere advice, the damage could have been greater. He knew that he himself could even be badly hurt. Edward and his group cared for Leena so much that they wouldn't refrain themselves from punching Kevin to death. However, even if this was an unfair circumstance and he was beaten up, Kevin wouldn't complain. He failed to protect his wife, which was an undeniable fact. Consequently he deserved all of this.

Kevin's heart skipped a beat when he went inside the room and saw Leena lying on the bed, her face drained of all colors. Although he had already imagined such an image in his mind, it still came as a shock to him. He had to grab a corner of the desk for support to prevent himself from collapsing in a heap.

"Are you ok?" asked Tom with concern. He frowned. Among all those men who loved Leena, Tom was the only one who didn't consider Kevin a repulsive man and did not hate him. He didn't think that Kevin was completely to blame for what happened.

"I'm fine. Don't worry." Kevin smiled apologetically at Tom. Then, he walked quietly t

ou're in heaven or in hell, I'll find you and bring you back. You know that?" Kevin smiled, with a mixture of fondness for his wife and deep resentment at his failure to keep her from danger. He glowered at her, as if to say that if she didn't listen to him, he surely would take actions and kick her ass immediately.

Leena felt her way apprehensively in the dark. Suddenly, a halo appeared in front of her and a gentle and beautiful woman waved at her. For a moment Leena thought this woman was the mother whom she had never met before. She had only one of her mother's photos and used to spend a great deal of time staring at her and imagining their first meeting. And now Leena's imagination came alive. She was more willing to come forward and hug her mother. Before she could take a step forward, she heard a familiar voice. A voice she longed to hear but couldn't remember clearly. Her mother kept waving at her and smiling at her. But the voice said otherwise. The voice wanted her back, begged her to come back to his life. Leena's heart was struggling, and being torn to pieces. She looked around, trying to find out where this voice was coming from and who it belonged to.

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