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   Chapter 1257 She Has No Will To Survive (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7468

Updated: 2019-03-06 01:39

"Listen man, you better pray for Leena now. If she doesn't come out of this fit, I won't spare you, no matter who you are!" People said that Edward was a heartless man, but in actuality, he was extremely loyal and affectionate to the people he cared about.

"Edward! Stop behaving like a spoiled brat!" Daisy's cold voice came from behind them. They didn't know when she had arrived. Maybe it had been when they were quarreling, so nobody noticed her.

"Ha! Senior Colonel Ouyang. Did your heart break when you saw him being threatened?" Edward had been going crazy worrying about Leena and began to scold anyone who dared to defend Kevin, including his beloved wife. Leena had been in the operating room for more than an hour. He had no idea what was going on in there.

"Edward Mu, you bastard! If you continue to act like this, I will cuff you up to calm you down. You're the CEO of a transnational corporation! Why are you being so ridiculous in such a vital moment?" Daisy cast a stern glance at her husband. She had just got off work and was about to go home, but was informed of the bad news. When she arrived, she saw the three fighting with each other like brats. She couldn't believe her eyes. 'Are they really looking after Leena in this ridiculous manner?' she wondered.

"I told them not to fight but they just didn't listen to me. I wonder what's going on in there. I'm so worried about Leena," Belinda said, still pacing up and down. Why was Tom still in there?

"Belinda, don't worry. Come and sit down. Take some rest. You should take care of yourself. After all, you're..." Daisy reached out and helped Belinda sit on a nearby bench. Belinda was pregnant and Daisy didn't want her to lose the baby because of Leena's emergency. Belinda hadn't been to the hospital yet to check out her situation, but she had bought early pregnancy kits which told her that she was pregnant.

"Shh! I'm okay. Don't tell them the news yet!" Belinda whispered in a hurry, interrupting Daisy. She didn't want the others to know about her condition yet, for she wanted to double check it at the hospital first. Moreover, this was not the right time to announce the news.

Edward gnashed his teeth together and stared coldly at Da

alm voice as he held Daisy's waist. Only Daisy knew that Edward was not as calm as he looked. His hand around her waist was shaking.

"Just be silent as much as possible. No matter how angry you are, you must stay calm until Leena wakes up." Tom sighed with profound resignation. 'I hope she will find the meaning of life again, otherwise even if she recovers physically, she might not wake up at all. She has shut her mind from the outside world. I hope someone can convince her to open her heart and mind again, ' he thought to himself.

"Doctor Qin, can I go in to see her?" Kevin pleaded, an expectant expression on his face. He knew why Leena had no will to survive and was seized with remorse. 'If I knew she was so bothered by the hug between me and Michelle, I should have called up and explained everything to her as soon as possible, no matter how busy I was. She wouldn't have ended up like this then.'

"We'll transfer her to the ICU first. Only one person is allowed to go inside. Remember, do not talk too much to her. You can decide who will go in." As a doctor, he could only do as a doctor should do. He wouldn't make the decision by himself, so he asked the others to decide who would go in.

Everyone wanted to be the one to go in, but they knew the only one who was qualified for it was Kevin. He was Leena's legal husband. More importantly, he was the person Leena was most anxious to meet. This was the reason why Leena's sworn brothers disliked Kevin so much.

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