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   Chapter 1256 She Has No Will To Survive (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7709

Updated: 2019-03-06 01:27

"Rain, how is Leena? What did Tom say?" The moment Belinda arrived, she peeped into the operating room through the glass window and asked for Leena's news. She was in no mood to make fun of Rain at this critical moment.

"Tom is giving emergency treatment to her. Don't worry. She's gonna be fine. We have Jerry. He's the best doctor in the world," Rain assured Belinda. But deep inside, he was worried about Leena as well.

"I hope so. What happened to her? How did she fall into the water? It's so cold this evening." Belinda walked up and down with unease. She was flustered and her mind was in great confusion. It was not until now that she realized how important Duke was to her. If he were here right now, she would not be in so much panic.

"I don't know either. I guess Edward knows what happened. He was the one who brought Leena here." They had been so concerned about Leena's safety when they heard the news that they forgot to find out what had actually happened. Leena was saved from drowning. However, they all knew that she could swim. So how did she almost drown?

"Claire, you're here! Were you with Leena when she fell into the water?" Belinda finally registered Claire's presence and guessed that the latter would know something about this.

"It's all my fault. If I hadn't taken part in the Dream City competition, Leena wouldn't be in danger right now." Recalling what had happened, Claire burst into tears again. She felt guilty and repentant. If she had seen Louisa's true colors at the beginning itself, the latter would have had no opportunity to hurt Leena.

"Dream City competition? What is that?" Belinda asked with a frown. Worry was etched across her face.

"I know about it. It's a fashion design competition. FX International Group is one of its sponsors," Rain said, rubbing his brow. If he had known that Leena was one of the judges, he would have attended the competition instead of leaving it to his subordinates. Then this might not have happened.

"I don't care about the competition. All I want to know is why Leena fell into the water." Belinda shook her head anxiously.

"Um... We had a fight with Louisa and she accidentally bumped into Leena. That's how Leena fell into the water." Even though Claire had fallen out with Louisa, she still absolved he

in a hurry. He had never known it would take so long to reach the hospital from the military base. He had been in deep suffering all along the way.

"The doctors are still working on her." Claire lowered her head in shame. She felt that what happened to Leena was her fault.

"Kevin Gu, you should pray and repent before God. If something happens to Leena, I will make you go down with her." Edward grabbed Kevin's collars and stared at him with dangerous eyes.

"Major General Gu!" Seeing Edward's actions, Lee reached out in an attempt to pull him away, but Kevin stopped him. Lee stepped back, watching them helplessly.

"If something bad happens to Leena, I would not forgive myself either. You should wait until they operate on her," Kevin said in a cold voice. He freed himself from Edward's grip easily. All he cared about right now was Leena's safety; he was in no mood to be gentle to Leena's sworn brothers and face their accusations.

"Bah! Kevin Gu, I am telling you bluntly that if Leena doesn't make it this time, I will have you and I buried along with her," Rain sneered, casting a scornful glance at Kevin. Resolution was written all over his face. Apparently, he had no interest in living any longer. Annie's disappearance had been a huge blow to him. There was nothing to keep him in this world now.

"Come on, guys! Are you cursing Leena? Or do you not believe in Tom?" Belinda cast the three of them warning looks. Why were men so volatile? They were in the mood to fight even in such a critical moment!

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