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   Chapter 1255 Leena In The Water (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5609

Updated: 2019-03-06 01:24

"Call Tom immediately and ask him to send for an ambulance. And if he's at the hospital right now, then he needs to come along, too." After he finished, Edward laid Leena on a clean blanket that the venue staff brought them. He then started taking first aid measures. The more severe the situation was, the more his calmness and steadiness showed. Edward also kept telling himself that nothing would happen to Leena, otherwise he would never forgive himself. After all, it was under his watch that the girl got into this accident, which meant that it was because of his negligence that she got caught in such a humiliating incident.

Meanwhile at the army base, a shiver suddenly ran through Kevin's hand holding a hot cup of tea. Unavoidably, the spilled hot water burned him a little, so he instinctively let the cup go. The crisp cracking of the cup ensued when it hit the ground, shattering into pieces.

"Major General, are you alright?" Lee asked hurriedly, thinking that the man might have been too tired to even hold a hot cup of tea.

"It's OK, Lee. Why don't you drive me back tonight?" Kevin sighed gently and pinched the top of his nose bridge that was already in a bit of pain. He hadn't had a good rest for two days, so to avoid falling asleep at the wheel, he thought Lee would be better-suited to drive.

"Yes, Major General." In fact, even if Kevin hadn't brought this up, Lee was planning on taking the wheel anyway, so he agreed without hesitation.

When their car just exited the gate of the army base, Kevin's phone suddenly rang. He lightened up a little, subconsciously assuming that it was Leena who was calling. Did this mean that she had forgiven

d out of his usual playful personality. He seemed totally different, sharp and impregnable.

"Yeah! Mr. Mu, please change into dry clothes first! Leena will feel upset when she hears about this." Luke joined in persuading Edward and brought up Leena in the hopes that she could motivate him.

"Hand me the clothes. I'll be out in five." Edward was always obsessed with cleanliness. Every time before he changed the clothes that came in contact with his skin, he would take a shower first. But he didn't care so much today. Edward snatched the clothes that Luke brought and quickly walked towards the hospital toilet. Luke followed him closely.

Right after Edward left, a discordant set of high-heel steps approached. Soon people saw Belinda staggering towards them. It was obvious how shocking the news was to her. Most importantly, Duke was not in S City at the moment. He said he was returning today, but he was probably still on his flight since he only boarded this afternoon. She wouldn't know how strongly he would react after learning something as serious as this. She didn't even dare picture the scene.

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