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   Chapter 1254 Leena In The Water (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5991

Updated: 2019-03-06 01:24

"Louisa, please just go! And keep it together. After all not everyone is as naive as I was, unknowingly manipulated by you like a fool." About her "friend" Louisa, Claire had figured everything out. So after she thought things through, she didn't feel bad about the current situation at all. On the contrary, she was grateful that she saw through Louisa before she could cause more serious damage. After careful consideration, Claire felt that this was instead most fortunate.

"What, you are drawing a line between us so quickly? Claire, with your intellect, even if I didn't manipulate you, somebody else will pick up the strings, so why don't you go home and buy a pig brain so you can have something to stuff in that empty head of yours? That's in case you're going to be clueless after some man has his way with you." With her arms crossed before her chest, Louisa lashed out with such mean words.

"Then, how come despite your great intellect, you went so low as to seduce a married man, bringing your father shame and disgrace?" Claire was tightly gritting her teeth. She couldn't regret more about helping this evil woman before her in hurting Leena so much.

"What did you say? I seduced a married man? Are you implying that I was a mistress? Don't you forget that you were part of that! I'm going to shut your bitch ass mouth up." Louisa lifted her hand as she spoke. She no longer cared about damaging her reputation and swung her palm towards Claire. But before she could hit her, Leena reached out and grabbed her wrist. An icy condemnation quickly followed.

"Louisa, weren't you just bragging about being the daughter of an official? So this is how poorly an official's daughter would behave? Look around you. This is not the place for you to act out like this." Leena force

ess towards her that really hurt her. At such a moment, she didn't react, but instead she closed her eyes and waited for death to arrive. She thought that maybe this way, her pain and suffering would be alleviated somewhat.

Everybody saw the sweet smile on her face, but no one knew about her badly wounded heart deep inside. In all honesty, the endless waiting had made her a little tired, so Leena wanted to take a break from it all and start her journey anew. Hopefully, she would not make the same mistake of falling in love with someone before someone falls in love with her.

Just after Edward pulled Leena out of the water, Luke almost just as quickly got to the scene. He didn't expect Edward to show up in there either. When Luke left the house, Edward was still at home, so when Luke saw him just now, he was quite surprised. He was just thinking of resuming his guard duties after he finished other business. Yet he could not have foreseen such an accident.

"Mr. Mu, is she all right?" Luke took off his own clothes and quickly covered Leena with them. Because of the drenched gown that had clung to her body, Leena's fine figure was quite noticeable through the thin fabric.

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