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   Chapter 1252 The Media Was Being Troublesome (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7007

Updated: 2019-03-06 00:25

"Huh! Didn't you see that? In addition to Leena, there are other judges also. Do you think only she can decide whether we should be shortlisted or not?" Claire had no idea that Leena was the designer of LN FASHION. No wonder she had a very good fashion sense and had the knack of finding the best piece as a winner.

"Huh! She is the designer of LN FASHION? So what? I will be definitely better than her.

I'm going to make her bow to me. You just see!" Looking at Leena's smile, Louisa wanted to hurt her somehow, and she thought in anger, 'This bitch has stolen my thunder. No one pays attention to me. It's all because of that bitch. If she hadn't turned up, it wouldn't have been like this.' Thinking of this, Louisa started hating Leena even more.

"Louisa, don't comment without thinking. People will laugh at you. It is better if you keep quiet at the moment" Pola gently tugged at her dress. She seemed very calm and did not show any dissatisfaction with the result. She knew that there were many people who were much better than her, so she believed in the fairness and impartiality of the result given. She also believed that Leena was not against them.

"What do you mean? Now, are you going to make me angry, too?" As Louisa said, she looked at Leena in the limelight. Everyone was trying to get her attention, but Louisa didn't think she deserved so much importance.

"That's not what I meant. I just want to tell you that LN FASHION is an international brand and is popular even in European countries. A lot of people love this brand, including the so-called very rich class. This brand sells very well in the international market." To avoid getting scolded by Louisa, Pola tried to explain in a soft voice. She felt that maybe Louisa had no clue of the truth. She also thought, 'I'm not angry with Leena as a participant. Why did Louisa get angry? This is a designing competition, not a modeling one. This contest has nothing to do with her.'

"So what? Should I respect her just because she is a renowned designer at LN FASHION?" Louisa gritted her teeth. After hearing what

it for me here for a moment, I will go and say hello to them, and then will come back to you." Edward reached out and gently squeezed her face, which was quickly noticed by the media. Edward and the Leng Group were known to be family friends; however, media always looked for such opportunities to gossip. They here could not help but think if there was an affair between both of them. Some senior reporters didn't notice this little gesture at all, because they all knew that Leena was like a sister to four celebrity men in this city.

"OK! I'm going to say hello to Claire." Leena knew that Edward had scolded the media persons and they did not dare to interview her again. She was safe now and she could relax.

"Okay. Go ahead." Edward gently smiled. He wasn't supposed to come here, but Daisy had called and told him that she was coming back from the company for a meeting at the army base. Since he was free at that time, he decided that he would go to see Leena. He knew she was looking forward to this competition.

"Claire, didn't you say that you were going to be at the villa for a few days? Why are you here?" Leena did not even look at Louisa. She asked gently, trying not to show any anger in her tone.

"Leena, let's go to the other side and talk." After what had happened, Claire no longer trusted Louisa, so she decided it was better that she did not notice them talking.

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