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   Chapter 1251 The Media Was Being Troublesome (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7463

Updated: 2019-03-06 00:15

The stage was an attractive place and all models were eager to walk on it. All the contestants knew that being on the ramp was a privilege that only a few people could get. Hence they put in all their efforts to ensure that they rocked the entire event.

The theme of the competition was "Dream City", so all the clothes that were up on display focused on that. They were a blend of grace, style and poise, so all models wearing them looked extraordinary too.

As one of the judges of the competition, Leena was being very serious about the whole matter. She looked at the clothes on the ramp and wrote her opinion about each. However, she didn't expect to see Louisa and Claire on the ramp, and that surely left her shocked.

Actually, Leena was not the only one who was surprised. Louisa and Claire were also surprised to see Leena on the jury so much so that they almost fell off. However, the two soon adjusted and became calm like before. They didn't want to mess up the competition because of her; otherwise, all their training would have been wasted.

"Claire, what's going on? Why is she in the jury?" As soon as Louisa came back to backstage, she asked angrily, thinking, 'She is a judge? Who has appointed her to judge me?' Apparently, seeing Leena there had definitely damaged Louisa's self-esteem.

"How do I know? Don't ask me. I don't know why she is here." Claire said anxiously, and thought, 'I told them I was going to the villa for a vacation, but now I'm on the ramp. They will know that I have been lying. How could I explain this to them?'

"What? That woman hates me. She must have probably given us a low grade on purpose in this competition." She didn't expect that she would meet Leena here, so she had forgotten everything that she had planned to do on the stage. Now, she was worried that no model agencies would be considering her for work. If Leena had given her a low grade, all her dreams and efforts would become wasted.

"Louisa, Leena is not such a narrow-minded person. You don't have to worry about that at all." Claire said in frustration, thinking, 'Kevin's going to be very upset when he finds out. It's all Louisa's fault. I have been rehearsing for this program for a long time, but I

le sister. Few people in the city knew her identity, so no one knew that she was also Mignonne, the founder of LN FASHION.

"Miss Leng, can you tell us why you didn't disclose that you are Mignonne?"

"Miss Leng, are you coming back to S City to give your career wings?"

"Miss Leng, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Miss Leng, are you now going to appear in public under the name Mignonne or your good name?"

Faced with such questions from the media, Leena was very troubled. She didn't want to answer their questions, and she didn't know which one to answer first either, so she looked very embarrassed about the whole matter.

"Miss Leng, I've heard that Bella only participates in international competitions. And in no circumstances would she participate in a small program like this. Bella took up the post as judge of this competition because you asked her to?"

"Miss Leng, can you tell us something about President Leng and President Shangguan's married life?"

"Yes. Miss Leng, can you please tell us?"

Duke never gave interviews, so only a few people knew about him. The media finally managed to get this opportunity, so they wouldn't let it go from their hands.

"Look, Claire. Our work has not even entered the next round. Is it because of Leena?" Louisa angrily stared at Leena, who was surrounded by the media, and thought, 'Why? How does Leena get everything she wants without making any major efforts? Why can't I come even close to what she has achieved?'

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