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   Chapter 1250 A Big Problem (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5226

Updated: 2019-03-05 04:06

"Got it! I'm going to the hospital to check the situation of the injured later. And I'm heading home after that. If you need me, just call." Kevin was worried about his wife now. He had left home in such a hurry that he hadn't explained anything to her. He hadn't called her at all as he had been busy the whole time. And now, he decided to explain everything to her when he got home. After all, it was better to explain it face to face. That way he could gauge her reactions and figure out what points to stress. He'd done nothing, but he could understand why she felt he had.

"Major General Gu, the Commander said an emergency meeting is coming up. So you may have to be here awhile. Please eat something first." Lee transmitted the Commander's orders to Kevin. Actually, an emergency meeting had already been held this morning. Lee didn't know why another one was needed, but his order was not to question, just obey. So he did.

"What? Maybe because some city bigwigs are here." Kevin frowned. He just wanted to get home.

"The Commander didn't say. They'll start when Senior Colonel Ouyang gets here. She's on her way." It was rush hour, so the traffic was bad. Daisy would not arrive until at least 8 PM. Kevin cursed his luck again. But flexibility was required in the army.

"It sounds like high muck-a-mucks are here. I guess I'd better prepare the meeting draft." The so-called meeting draft referred to the self-accountability and treatment measures of the unwarranted attack, and Kevin had gathered a lot of information about it today.

"But, yo

China, so few people knew the name.

When the host introduced her as the designer of LN FASHION, they cried out in disbelief and turned to take a second look at her. To ordinary people, LN FASHION only meant one out of countless brands. But to those people in the know about the fashion industry, including some fashionistas, their eyes went as wide as saucers when they heard the news and gazed at her with admiring eyes. They had thought the designer of LN FASHION was an elderly or a middle-aged person. So many designers had paid their dues and gotten their wrinkles and grey hairs. Little did they know that it was an innocent young girl. And to their intense surprise, she was one of Bella's students, world-famous Bella. So many people wanted to study under her but failed, as Bella was very picky selecting students.

Leena stood and bowed to the audience, and won a standing ovation. Though she was used to this happening abroad, she was still a little shy. After all, it was her first time appearing before the public in China.

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