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   Chapter 1249 A Big Problem (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5971

Updated: 2019-03-05 04:06

"Don't worry, Bella. I've already taken some decongestant. I'll be okay." Leena was afraid that her cold would affect the competition, so she had already taken something before coming here. She hoped the pills would work.

"That's good. Mignonne, it's your special performance tonight. Poise and grace are a must, and you can't let a cold knock you down." Bella was a confident designer. She was sure that the media would focus all their attention on the designer of LN FASHION instead of the competition tonight. After Leena had made her debut in Paris, her popularity had reached a record high. Bella believed that Leena would gain the same popularity in China. She had high hopes, and so did Leena. To be recognized in her home country would really be something.

"Bella, why is it my special performance?" Leena knew if people knew she was the designer of LN FASHION, it would cause a stir. But she didn't know what Bella meant by a special performance.

"You've kept a low profile in the past. People want to know the face behind LN FASHION, and when you do your thing, it will go viral. Everyone knows that a prestigious designer in Europe will be at the show tonight. You'll be the one the media focuses on. They'll pay no attention to the participants. Pity, that!" That was the real reason Bella accepted the organizer's invitation, otherwise she wouldn't have agreed to take part in such a tiny competition. Of course, there was another reason: FX International Group was one of the sponsors. It was said that the CEO of FX International Group was handsome and charming, and girls the world over were enamored of him. Bella also wanted to get to know this dashing gentleman.

"I get it. But, Bella, I don't want to do the interview." Frowning, Leena thought she'd like to l

isn't on you. Why are you making all the reports?" Lee was outraged. He thought Kevin was getting screwed. Though Kevin was Major General, the company commander and battalion commander should also share the blame.

"Lee, no matter which one of my soldiers made the mistake, it's still my fault. There was something wrong with how I managed things. I've not been doing enough in the areas supervision and administration. I know you feel I'm taking too much responsibility, but it's my choice. My men, my mistake." Kevin raised his hand to rub his aching head. He had worked the whole day and night without a break, and he felt exhausted.

"But I still feel you're getting the shaft," Lee complained. He felt that Kevin was dragged into this for no reason.

"Don't worry. They'll be held accountable as well. By the way, is Senior Colonel Ouyang back yet?" Kevin knew Daisy had her own work cut out for her today, so he hadn't informed her of what had happened last night. If he had told her that, it would just piss her off and wouldn't help anything. So Daisy was not in the army base today.

"No, she isn't. She's slated to be back tonight," Lee answered as he checked the time.

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