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   Chapter 1248 A Big Problem (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5480

Updated: 2019-03-05 04:06

"I think the word you're searching for is 'asshole.' A real asshole would never ask for your permission before taking off your clothes, but I did." Kevin gave Leena an evil smile. Though he was still angry at her, her accusation amused him. He decided to play with it. Maybe he could put them both in a better mood.

"But you didn't wait for my answer! Liar!" Leena was incensed by Kevin's sophistry. He did ask her before taking off her coat, but she didn't say yes. To be fair, she didn't say no, either. But that still didn't give him the right. Oooh! The man was so infuriating sometimes!

"I'm a soldier. Time is important to me, and even a one second delay would put your life in danger. I don't hesitate, I act." While speaking, Kevin took off her sweater as well. He was serious about this. She might end up naked if she didn't do something.

"Stop it! I'll do it myself. Get out!" Leena demanded and rearranged her underwear. He practically took that off.

At this moment, Kevin's phone rang. He took a meaningful look at her before he whipped out his phone. He frowned when he saw the number — it was from the army base.

"I need to take this. Have a nice bath!" He didn't bother telling Leena who was calling. Instead, Kevin warned her and walked out of the bathroom. The subtext behind "have a nice bath" was clear. The real message was "take a bath, now." The moment he stepped out, Leena shut and locked the door, which stunned him. He recognized that sound anywhere. So he walked out towards the balcony, sighing in resignation, and pressed the "answer" button.

"Hello, this is Kevin Gu." Leaning forward with his ha

ne, are you okay? You look terrible, and you seem so upset. What happened?" Gerard asked worriedly. Since he'd poured out all his feelings for her, he was calmer and more composed. He didn't feel lonely as expected, and that was because of Claire's companionship. She was the one bright spot in his life.

"Uh, I'm good. I just caught a cold." Leena gave him a bitter smile. Gerard was Bella's good friend, and that was why he was here as well. At least he finally accepted the fact they would never be together.

"Have you taken anything for it? Are you sure you're able to attend the competition tonight?" Bella asked. The reason Bella had agreed to take part in the competition as a judge was because of Leena, her favorite student. Bella wanted to raise Leena's reputation. To be honest, Bella had never treated her any other student like this before, but Leena was the special one. Leena was a gifted designer, and Bella's gut feeling told her that they would create new spectacles together. This was a special mentor-mentee relationship, and had forged bonds that would never break.

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