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   Chapter 1246 The Misunderstanding (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7190

Updated: 2019-03-05 02:38

"What? When? Where did she go?" Kevin took the box that the shop assistant handed to him. His face was full of worry, as was his voice. Why did she leave? Well, he guessed he could deal with that later. The most important thing right now was to find Leena.

"She went that way," The shop assistant kindly told him, pointing down the street. She was pretty sure Leena was distraught. That was why she paid more attention to her. She wasn't used to her customers looking that way at all.

"Okay, thanks!" Kevin quickly excused himself and ran out of the shop, heading in the direction the shop assistant indicated. He just hoped that she didn't go too far. As expected, he had to deal with crowds, turning his body this way and that just to get past them. None of them were moving at the same pace he was.

Leena walked the crowded streets with a lost look on her face. Tears fell down her already tear-stained cheeks, but she didn't even realize that she was silently crying. She was like a zombie, walking with her head down, paying no heed to where she was headed. People kept bumping into her, but she didn't give a damn. She just kept walking with hollow eyes.

'She is about my age. Does he think she's prettier?' she thought bitterly to herself. Leena saw Kevin talking to her at first, and she didn't think much of it. She had thought that maybe she was just a friend, someone he hadn't run into for a while. He'd lived here awhile, so he probably had people he knew. But imagine her surprise when the girl suddenly threw herself into Kevin's arms. And what was worse, Kevin didn't push her away, instead, he even held her closer and buried her head in his chest. Leena just couldn't stand looking at them anymore. This was like a dagger in her heart. So she just left without a word. She didn't know where she was going, and she didn't care. She just dragged her numb feet and left the shop.

She had thought that Kevin was a simple and honest man. But it seemed that she was terribly, deeply wrong. He'd been in love with Daisy, then Louisa popped up. Now, there was another girl she didn't recognize, and they were obviously affectionate

But he wasn't fat -- this was all muscle. His words were nasty and as foul as his appearance. Leena just ignored him because she didn't want to waste any time on someone like that. Her tears finally dried. She walked ahead with a blank face, showing no emotion.

"Hey, missy! Didn't you hear me?" The thug saw that Leena ignored him and was very unhappy about it. So he followed her.

"Fuck off! Or else." Leena stopped in her tracks and glared coldly at him. She was pissed off. And if the guy continued saying nasty things to her, then she'd make him regret even waking up today. After all, it was a piece of cake for her to beat this guy.

"Haha! Whoa, are you a fighter, girl? I like it. That's hot!" The man tried to grab her while he said this, but before he could touch Leena, a strong hand appeared out of nowhere and grabbed his shirt, bunching it in his fist.

"Didn't you hear her? She told you to fuck off." Kevin's face was stone cold. He pushed hard, and the guy fell down to the ground. And as soon as the guy looked up and saw Kevin in his military uniform, he scrambled to get off the ground and scampered down the alley. He didn't want a confrontation with a trained fighter. Not only would he be beaten, but he'd end up in prison. That was the last place he wanted to be, assembling various items all day, hearing the constant cries of "faster", and earning a slap or a kick if you looked at someone wrong.

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