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   Chapter 1245 The Misunderstanding (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7375

Updated: 2019-03-05 00:25

The city was a special economic zone, so even at night, the streets were still overcrowded. People did all kinds of things, going to work, going out to eat, going shopping, or just going home. When they walked outside, Kevin always held Leena close in his arms, sheltering her from all the other busy people.

Walking the busy streets with a Major General was definitely going to turn some heads. Other women looked at the pair with obvious interest. Leena had expected this. But seeing other women enchanted with her hubby still made her unhappy. Leena could tell from their eyes that they couldn't help but be a little jealous of her, because she was the one in the handsome man's arms.

"All the girls are looking at you again." Leena couldn't help but pucker up her lips, her tone betraying a trace of jealousy and possessiveness. When this kind of thing happened when she was out with her brothers, she hadn't thought much about it -- because they were all her brothers, and she didn't need to be jealous. But Kevin was different. He was her husband, after all. So Leena, being the possessive type, could do nothing but complain.

"I didn't do anything!" It sounded like an accusation. Kevin didn't understand where this came from, because he didn't even look at other women. All his attention was solely on Leena.

"Exactly! You didn't do anything, but they still think you're hot. And it's so annoying." Leena rolled her eyes at him. She wanted to hide him away from everyone. She knew this wasn't logical, and it wasn't Kevin's fault for being so handsome and enticing. But she just couldn't help it. Who would have thought that Leena would be so possessive once she fell in love with somebody? Certainly not her.

"Don't worry. They're looking at me, but I only have eyes for you, bae. You should feel proud of yourself for nabbing a great guy like me." Kevin was clearly very satisfied with himself. What did she want him to do, anyway? Wear a brown paper bag? Then suddenly, he pulled Leena into a ceramics shop.

"You're impossible." Leena glanced at him. She couldn't deny that Kevin was really a great and outstanding man. And she was lucky.

"That's all right, because I'm only impos

elle wouldn't be romancing a soldier. Since they didn't find Michelle, they quickly left.

"All right. They're gone now," he said, and disentangled the girl from his arms. Kevin wanted to push her away at first -- a natural reaction, given she wasn't his wife. But she seemed desperate, so he decided to help her out. When those guys walked into the shop, he knew what was up. So to make her look less suspicious, he held her even closer, letting her bury her head in his chest too.

"Thanks a lot, handsome. Gotta jet. See you around!" Michelle pulled on her cap and winked knowingly at Kevin. Then she quickly walked out of the shop and disappeared into the crowd.

Kevin shook his head helplessly, and tucked the receipt into his wallet. Then he turned around and looked around for Leena. But he couldn't spy her in the store. He looked behind shelves and around other displays. Nothing. He walked back up to the counter.

"Excuse me, did you see the girl who was with me just now? The one I came in with, I mean," Kevin asked the shop assistant. At the same time, he still craned his neck and stood on his toes, hoping to catch sight of Leena.

"Oh. That one? She took off," The shop assistant said, handing the nicely wrapped pair of dolls to him. To be honest, she was also curious why the girl left. The girl was excited when she walked in and Kevin showed her the dolls. But then she left in a real hurry, her color ashen, and her eyes full of tears.

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