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   Chapter 1244 Will You Miss Me A Little Bit (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5323

Updated: 2019-03-05 00:16

"Do you think I'm that kind of selfish person who leaves home for some personal reason and doesn't take his wife along with him?" Leena's sensible behavior at that moment impressed Kevin. He continued looking at her with more passion.

"That's hard to say! Like my sister-in-law said, men should not be trusted." Leena said, looking at Kevin, her eyes trying to provoke him. In fact, as far as she knew, Kevin wasn't going to do anything that was considered immoral."

"Am I also included in it?" Kevin asked, frowning. He didn't think he was a bad person!

"What about you telling me?" Leena didn't answer but asked him, enjoying Mapo Tofu which the staff had served minutes ago. Although she looked relaxed, her heart was sad.

"If you want me to judge myself, I don't think I'm that kind of man." Kevin answered, grinning. It seemed that his thought process was similar to that of Edward's.

"Is your this time's mission dangerous?" Leena asked, biting her lips. Finally, she asked about something that was bothering her for a long time. Because she was worried that the answer would be something that could increase her sadness.

"No. It's just a simple mission. But I can't promise about any accidents that might happen." Kevin answered. He didn't plan to hide it from her. The truth was that this mission was only a little dangerous. Otherwise, he wouldn't have recommended Hank to the commander to finish this mission. The truth was that Hank wasn't scared of death.

"Can you not make me feel so worried about you?" Leena asked, looking at Kevin with expectations. She was as

starting the car and driving into the traffic slowly.

"Kevin, this time, you would not be able to communicate with the outside world too?" Leena asked faintly. It seemed that this time too she would not be able to get in touch with him.

"Exactly. But I will send you a message as and when I get a chance." Kevin said. He knew she would miss him. But he could do nothing about this because he couldn't break the rules set for him.

"I'm just wondering if you are going to miss me a little bit." Leena talked to herself, unconsciously blocking the answer that Kevin was giving. It seemed that she was totally disappearing in her own world. Kevin had never seen Leena in such a sad mood.

"Nana. You're my wife, there's no doubt that I will miss you." Kevin looked very serious and emotional when he said this. He glanced at Leena to check her reaction. But she gave no response.

"Okay. I got it." Leena said, showing neither cheer nor any happiness. As he said, he would miss her just because she was his wife. It wasn't because he loved her deeply.

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