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   Chapter 1242 Will You Miss Me A Little Bit (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5598

Updated: 2019-03-04 05:12

With her brow furrowing, Leena opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but she closed it again. Then she just moved her lips, staring at Kevin silently. She felt he was behaving quite strange today.

The reason why Kevin had kept silent along the way was because he was thinking about how he would tell Leena that he was going abroad for a few months and still not hurt her in any manner. Meanwhile, Leena looked down, still wondering what made Kevin so quiet today.

"Is this the place that you were talking about?" Kevin asked, looking up at the large plate with "The Fragrance" written on it. 'What an elegant name! Is it somehow related to her?' Kevin thought. Somehow, he felt a little familiar with the building in front of him.

"Yes! Don't you think it's kind of familiar? It feels like a stream of clean water flowing slowly into your heart. Or it feels like you have found an oasis in a desert and you stop to take a drop of the fresh-tasting spring water from it." Leena said, continuing to smile at Kevin. If he could feel the same way, it proved that he also loved her the same way she did. A place decorated by her could make him feel attached to it just like he was attached to her!

"Since when have you become so poetic?" Kevin asked, trying to dodge eyes from Leena. It seemed that he still needed one more chance to pour his feelings for Leena out.

"Just imagine about it a little bit." Leena said, a flash of disappointment reflecting on her lips, then she gave a sweet smile immediately. At that moment, she looked as innocent and graceful as before, pure like a white lotus, without any kind of impurity attached to her.

"Let's go

there would be more shocking things waiting for him.

"Yes! I can tell you that I grew up with this restaurant. Edward and my brother helped me to take care of it when I was in high school. I rarely showed up here because I was busy studying at that time." Leena explained smugly with a smile. In fact, if she had actually handled the restaurant on her own probably it would have stopped existing long back. Because she had no experience in the business. Even her LN Fashion was supported and managed by a very strong group. Without them, she couldn't handle it by herself as she felt she was not capable enough.

"You have impressed me again!" Kevin said, shaking his head in disbelief. He thought he knew a little about her. He had no idea whether any other unexpected things could happen again in the future.

"Thanks for your praise and admiration." Leena said smiling happily. She took his compliment gracefully.

"Leena, is this handsome man your boyfriend?" One of the employees asked curiously. Leena had a very good relationship with the employees because of her easy-going and fun-loving character.

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