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   Chapter 1240 A Date (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5984

Updated: 2019-03-04 01:25

"Sounds right. Let's just go upstairs as soon as possible, otherwise the boss will get angry again. It's all your fault. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have to work outside in such a cold day," Aaron complained. 'What is wrong with Rain? After Annie went missing, he's been always trying to provoke Edward, ' Aaron thought.

"I'm not to blame. Maybe your boss has entered upon the change of life." Adamant, Rain shrugged his shoulders, unwilling to admit that he had provoked Edward on purpose each time.

"You're screwed. How dare you mock him! He'll punish you with the meanest way ever!" Aaron sped up and was about to get into the building.

"I'm not scared of his punishment at all. Let storms rage against me! I fear nothing. Not even death, let alone punishments." Feeling unmoved by anything, Rain let out a mocking smile.

"You're not afraid of anything, but I am. Please do not drag me in next time." Walking on unperturbed, Aaron cast Rain a warning glance.

"Come on! "Real buddies don't turn their backs on each other that easily. You can't just back out like that, after all we've been through together." With his lips curled in protest, Rain followed Aaron. But after a few steps, he stopped, turned and walked towards the military car. He was stunned to see the person sitting in the car. 'What's he doing here during office hours?' he wondered.

To attract Kevin's attention, Rain feigned short dry coughs, but Kevin was so asleep that the coughs alone couldn't wake him. Rain had to raise his hand to knock on the window.

Tired of waiting in the parking lot, Kevin took a nap. But he didn't expect he'd fall so deeply asleep. Startled by the incessant knocking on the window, he opened his eyes and turned to look who was knocking. He frowned when he saw Rai

herself in Rain's arms, in an attempt to console him. Annie had been missing for quite some time now, but they still hoped to find her, although they had not had any positive leads. In frustration, Leena sighed, so many questions crossing her mind. 'We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. Maybe, that's a point I should keep in mind about the love Kevin and I have, ' she thought to herself, before Rain interrupted her reverie.

"What?" he began. "You must be kidding me! I'm good," he protested. "What about you? Are you feeling any better?" Unwilling to talk about Annie, Rain changed the subject, as he reached out and held Leena, ignoring Kevin once more. Last time, Tom had cautioned that Leena was suffering decreased body resistance. Thought of it really worried Rain.

In silence, Kevin stood looking at them. Though he was a little angered inside, he knew Leena had a close relationship with her sworn brothers, and there was nothing he could do about it. So he patiently waited for her again.

"I'm great. I'm as strong as an oak!" While speaking, Leena stole a glance at Kevin. She was afraid if Kevin heard this, he would also force her to take supplements.

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