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   Chapter 1239 A Date (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5840

Updated: 2019-03-04 01:11

"Well, then I'd like to have a look at the competition," Edward said with a smile. It was a casual remark and actually he didn't plan to go there.

"Really? So will you be there tomorrow?" Leena asked with a hopeful expression. The following day, Leena would make her domestic debut, and she was very nervous about it. If Edward would be there, things would be easier for her as he would not allow the media to harass her.

"You want me to be there? Or you also want to join in the fun?" asked Edward. He had no idea that Leena would attend the competition as a judge.

"I will be there with Bella and I'd be glad if you'd be there as well." With her lips pursed, Leena jumped off the desk. At the same time, Anna entered the office.

"Here is your coffee, Mr. Mu. I also made a cup for your guest." Carefully, Anna placed two cups of coffee on the table and then left.

"Thank you, Anna!" Leena said as she walked towards the tea table to pick her cup. She was grateful. Badly, she needed something hot for the freezing weather. She knew Edward had asked Anna to make it, just for her.

"Go ahead, drink something. Your hands are so cold. I'll ask Tom to prescribe some supplements for you." Rising from his chair, Edward walked towards her and sat on the couch next to the tea table. The coffee was the exact taste he was used to.

"What? Oh no! Edward, I hate you! Really!" On hearing about the supplements, Leena put on a long face. She disliked all kinds of medicines or supplements, but her sworn brothers always thought she was too weak and needed more supplements.

"You can hate me, but your health is the most important thing to me. There's no bargaining on that. It's for your own good." To emphasize his point, Edward stare

ing she fancied. She was okay with losing anything else, other than her family who genuinely cared about her.

"Of course we won't. You'll always be our loving little sister." Unwilling to accept the fact that his sister was old enough to choose her own fate, Edward held her in an embrace and buried himself in a myriad of thoughts. He knew she would eventually lean and depend more on her husband than her brothers. But he thought the day had arrived a little too early.

Even though Edward was a hard man, who didn't care much about other people, Leena was always an exception. Besides Daisy, his wife, he always had a soft spot for his sister Leena.

When Kevin arrived at FX International Group, Leena was still in Edward's office. Kevin didn't make a call to hurry her up, but pulled over and took a nap in his car. He knew he'd better give her some space.

"Mr. Xia, is it Mrs. Mu's car?" Aaron elbowed Rain and signaled him to look at the military car.

"I don't think it is. The number is different. Even if it is, she should have gone upstairs." Rain saw the registration number and looked away. He remembered Daisy's number was not the same. .

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