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   Chapter 1238 The Day Before The Competition (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6076

Updated: 2019-03-04 00:25

"Yes. It is none other but me. Who else would break into your office when you're in a bad mood? Anyone else who would do that must be fearless of death." Leena went behind him and put her arms around his neck. She pressed her chin against his shoulder and acted like a spoiled child.

"I know that you are the only one who would do that. Why are your hands so cold?" A frown got into Edward's face as he thought, 'Is this girl still so weak?'

"Cold? I don't think my hands are cold." In reaction to what he said, Leena put her hands on Edward's face and then laughed.

"Don't you think? Your hands are about as cold as the ice cellar." The man shrugged at Leena's gesture but chose not to pull away. Instead, he cocked his head and waited for her to say what she came here for. He was sure that Leena didn't come to his place just because she missed him.

"Ha-ha! Maybe it's because I just came in from the outside." Leena took her hands off Edward's face. With a shy smile, she took a few steps forward and sat down on the desk.

"You know that it is cold. Why didn't you wear something thicker? Don't you know that you're not in good health? You always worry me." Tentatively, Edward touched Leena's pretty face and sighed a bit. Her face was as cold as he had thought.

"I'm wearing a lot of clothes. It is just that today's temperature is too low and that's why my face is cold." Leena was aware of how much Edward cared for her. Nonetheless, she still had to argue with him from time to time to defend herself.

"Are you blaming the temperature?" Edward shook his head and made a phone call. "Anna, bring me a cup of hot coffee."

"I heard that you are one of the sponsors of the Dream City's fashion design competition. Is that true?" Leena asked nervously as she didn't dare to look Edward in the ey

ich hotel Bella is staying at, huh?" A menacing smile showed on Edward's face as he thought, 'You are trying to tease me? How could I let you get away with that?'

"No, no, no! I want to know, Edward. Tell me where Bella lives." Leena immediately turned anxious about what Edward said. She wouldn't come this far if she didn't want to know, right?

"Think about it. Which hotel will we choose since it is our company that sponsored this competition?" Edward grinned. 'My employees are smart enough to make money for my company without my orders, ' he thought.

"Oh! I see. Kate Hotel! What's Bella's room number? Do you know?" asked Leena happily and thought, 'If that's the case, then I could surprise Bella by suddenly showing up before her!'

"She's in the presidential suite. The room number is 818. Bella seems to be a big shot." Another smile came from Edward as he thought, 'Only big shot people can live in the presidential suite.'

"You bet! She usually won't take part in such a small competition unless she has something to do with it." Leena was not sure if Bella was here because of her. However, she was pretty certain that the reason why Bella did so must have something to do with her.

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