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   Chapter 1235 The Role Of A Wife (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6515

Updated: 2019-03-03 13:30

"No, she hasn't contacted me yet, but she said before that she would give me a call when she gets here. Are you worried that you'd miss her at the airport when you go and pick her up? If so, you can send her an e-mail to confirm the time of her flight." Gerard was curious about why Leena was asking him about professor Bella. She could have just asked Bella herself. Why did she want to go through him first?

"It's not that. Professor Bella told me that the organizers would pick her up from the airport and that they had already booked a hotel for her. So I don't need to worry about these things. But... I just can't help but have a bad feeling about this. Maybe I just think too much. I feel like she doesn't like me anymore." Leena thought back of the conversation she had with professor Bella. She thought that the professor had sounded almost too polite; too distant.

"Mignonne, you are thinking too much. You are professor Bella's best student. How could she not like you?" Gerard's golden hair shone brightly under the sun. He knew that professor Bella never planned a soiree for any of her students, but she did it for Mignonne. That was evidence itself of how much she liked Leena, who was her best student.

"You think so?" Leena was perplexed at first. She looked up and stared at the leaves swaying in the wind and got lost in thought. Suddenly, she realized something and a beautiful smile spread across her face. She understood what Kevin wanted her to know last night. What she was feeling right now about professor Bella was similar to what Kevin must have felt. Leena thought that professor Bella didn't like her because she was being too polite to her. Leena being too careful around Kevin must have felt the same to him too, although her relationship with Kevin was not the same as her relationship with the professor.

"Mignonne, after this I will go back to Paris with professor Bella. I will also take over Blanc Group,

bring these to your car. And thank you for the kind offer, but I want to have a walk and clear up my mind." Gerard followed Claire closely and walked over to the car. He didn't want to go back to his cold and empty hotel room. He really needed some time to make sense of things, as he said.

"Oh. That's all right. Well, maybe I could join you? If you don't mind of course! I have nothing to do right now anyway." Claire tilted her head, looking at him with expectant eyes. Claire wasn't busy right now as Louisa had something to do. They had put off their practice for later.

"Really? Of course, I don't mind! That would be a delight. Thank you." Gerard didn't expect Claire to want to accompany him. He was genuinely happy that he didn't have to walk around alone. He really needed someone to talk to and it was a bonus that someone was Claire. After all, they knew each other through Leena. Gerard was still new to S city and didn't particularly want to wander by himself.

"No need to thank me. I would like some company too. I hate being alone, after all." The two lonely people walked around the city and got a chance to get to know each other. Something was definitely brewing between them, but nobody could tell if it was for the good. They just had to wait for their story to begin.

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