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   Chapter 1233 The Role Of A Wife (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6945

Updated: 2019-03-03 06:12

With Patricia living in her house, Leena certainly felt less lonely than before because she had someone to talk to throughout the day. Unfortunately, she also had a lot more things to do and worry about. Accidents just kept happening with her friend around.

"Patricia, you better tell me right now, why is there water on my floor?" Leena shouted at Patricia angrily with her hands on her waist.

"I was helping you clean the floor, of course! I feel bad crashing for free at your apartment so I decided to help you with the housework." Patricia looked at Leena with innocent eyes. Was she wrong in wanting to help her do the chores? She didn't understand why Leena was screaming at her like this.

"Are you sure you are helping me clean the floor? Because from where I stand, I see that you are ruining it! So please, don't ever feel guilty about living here rent-free! And you better not help me with my housework! You are only increasing my workload." Leena gritted her teeth, trying to contain her annoyance. She looked at Patricia with exasperation. Was her friend being serious right now? How could she not see that she was making it worse? She was ruining the floor by leaving the water on it.

"Oh God! You are just being dramatic! I watched how you cleaned the floor yesterday and I did the same just now! I have no idea why it turned out like this. It's not my fault, okay? Blame the floor for not sopping up all the water." At these words, Patricia looked at the wet floor with indignant eyes. She felt wronged. She was just trying to help Leena; she didn't expect things to turn out like this. Besides, Patricia had slipped on the wet floor and fallen down. Her ass still hurt. She had already learned her lesson.

"What? Blame the floor? Do you hear what you are saying? It's a tile floor for God's sake! And sop up the water? Do you think it's made up of sponge? I really don't know what to say to that." Leena was at a loss for words and couldn't believe what she just heard. 'Fortunately, we don't have a wooden floor, or it would have surely been ruined by

finitely burning in the kitchen.

"Ah! I was cooking the meat!" Leena quickly ran toward the kitchen in the middle of shouting this. In her hurry, she forgot about the wet floor and lost her balance. Suddenly, she slipped on the water and started falling backward. Patricia gave a yelp at what was about to happen and hid her eyes behind her hands. She didn't want to see Leena fall. However, when Patricia didn't hear a loud thump or Leena cry out in pain, she slowly put down her hands and opened her eyes again. Leena hadn't fallen down. It seemed that Kevin caught her right in time.

"Be careful. Wait here. I will go and check the kitchen." Kevin let go of the hands that were holding onto Leena's waist and walked over to the kitchen. He didn't want her to hurt herself in this anxious state.

"Leena, are you okay? You scared the shit out of me!" Patricia walked up to Leena, still a bit worried. She looked Leena up and down to check if she was hurt.

"It's all your fault! I just embarrassed myself in front of Kevin because of you." Leena glared at Patricia. Luckily her husband was quick to catch her, or she would have fallen down and broken some bones.

"What are you talking about? He is your husband! You don't need to feel embarrassed at all." Patricia puckered her lips. She still couldn't understand why Leena was so shy and awkward around her own husband.

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