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   Chapter 1231 A Warning From A Friend (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6264

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"I'm just kidding. Nice to meet you too. Looks like Leena has a good taste in men after all." Patricia looked him up and down a few times. She didn't even try to hide it. It was obvious that she was checking him out. Kevin knew too.

"You want me to turn around?" he joked. Kevin didn't shy away from her intense gaze. He looked back at Patricia, wondering how a sweet, innocent girl like Leena had a best friend so vivacious and bold. He couldn't help but wonder how the two met.

"Haha. Don't you know it? By the way, I'm Patricia Bai, your wife's best friend." Patricia reached out her hand to shake Kevin's, formally introducing herself. To be honest, her first impression of Kevin was not bad. He seemed like a good guy, quick with a joke, and could even laugh at himself.

"Since you are Leena's best friend, you probably know more about me than I do about you." Kevin politely shook her hand and then quickly withdrew his hand like a real gentleman. He decided to be careful not to crush her fingers. Turned out he needn't have bothered. She had a surprisingly firm grip.

"Ha ha, I can't say that I know everything about you. But I've done my research. By the way, the soldiers you work with, are they all as handsome as you?" Patricia's eyes were full of excitement when she asked Kevin this question, as if she was already imagining a group of handsome and young soldiers showing off their muscles in front of her. This was a vision she could easily get lost in. She enjoyed herself without reservation. She wasn't the type to get embarrassed if a man undressed in front of her.

"Well, I'm no judge, but probably! Why? You interested in our soldier boys?" Kevin's eyes flickered with excitement too all of a sudden. There were still a few officers who were single in the army base. Maybe he could introduce them to Patricia? Fix them up? He liked the idea.

Kevin glanced at Leena in surprise. He didn't know that she disliked onions before. He silently filed away another fact about Leena. One of the things he liked about her was that she did keep surprising him.

"Humph! Meanie!" Patricia gritted her teeth and then put the piece of eggplant in her mouth. She still didn't like it. But she knew that Leena only wanted her to be healthy. As long as it was with her best interests in mind...

Leena stuck out her tongue and didn't say another word. Because she knew that if she kept teasing Patricia, then she'd tell Kevin all those embarrassing stories. That was just how Patricia was.

As usual, Kevin was the one doing the dishes. But this time, Leena was beside him. From the hesitant look on her face, Kevin could tell that she wanted to tell him something but didn't know how. But he wasn't known for his patience.

"Why that face? You have something to say to me?" Kevin turned his head so he could see her better while washing the dishes.

"Yeah. Well, Patricia ran away from home, and wanted to stay here awhile. That okay?" Leena anxiously played with her hands while saying this. Her tone showed her nervousness. She was hoping that Kevin might say yes, but fearing he might say no.

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