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   Chapter 1230 A Warning From A Friend (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6400

Updated: 2019-03-02 08:21

"Yeah, you're right. How could I forget? Now he's your brother's friend, right? We should get to know each other. He's available? No girlfriend?" No matter how hot the guy was, Patricia would never be a home wrecker. She wasn't interested in being "the other woman" -- her cardinal rule in relationships.

"Don't worry! He's single. You have a really good chance here." Leena let out a sigh of relief. As long as Patricia didn't ask the guy's name, she had nothing to worry about. Leena had to figure out if she really wanted her friend dating this guy.

While Leena and Patricia were talking happily, on the other side, Claire and Louisa were arguing, their voices echoing around them. This was the first time that they got into it so bad. No one wanted to give in.

"Louisa, how could you do that? It's my sister-in-law's villa, for Christ's sake! Breaking things? Really?" Claire glared angrily at Louisa. She couldn't believe that her best friend did that. She looked at the broken swing and the scattered roses with sad eyes. What would she tell Leena? That she let her best friend do this?

"Huh. I couldn't stand looking at them. So what?" Louisa spewed these words in a cold tone. She didn't seem to have an ounce of regret. Her eyes were deadly cold, showing her hatred and jealousy.

"What? You couldn't stand them? Really? They weren't even in your way! Why did you have to break them?" Claire was so furious that her eyes were starting getting red. She really couldn't understand what was up with her friend. Louisa had been so consumed by her jealousy and hatred towards Leena that she had to be hateful and break things. Claire was ashamed for her friend's behavior and didn't know how to face Leena now.

"Roses represent love!" Louisa shouted. "Love, that's something I've never gotten. I never had a swing growing up. I just don't like them! So yeah, they got in my way!"

Louisa screamed

s. As soon as she saw Kevin was back, the sweet smile on her face grew to a happy grin. She loved it when he got home.

"Yeah. We have a guest?" Kevin asked. He kicked his shoes off and glanced behind Leena curiously.

"Yeah! Haven't you always wanted to meet my best friend? So she came over today to meet you. Isn't that great?" Leena decided to tease him, because he was upset she hid him from her friend. So she just seized the chance and teased him.

"Who said I wanted to meet her?" he teased back. "No offense," he added quickly. Kevin glanced at Leena. He was just upset that she didn't mention to her friend she was married. That was all. He didn't say that he wanted to meet her best friend.

"I'm not sure how to take that." Patricia walked out of the dining room. And she finally understood why Leena would have gotten married so quickly as soon as she saw Kevin. And why not? Kevin was really a handsome man, and he seemed like a great guy too. Patricia would have snatched him up right away if she were Leena.

"Um. Sorry. I didn't mean it like that. Don't take it the wrong way," he said quickly. Kevin was a little embarrassed. He didn't expect that Patricia might overhear what he said. He extended his hand, trying to recover. "Nice to meet you."

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