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   Chapter 1229 Patricia Had A Crush On Tom (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7100

Updated: 2019-03-02 06:04

"I'm sorry, but I can't say yes to such a strange request. I'm not in a hurry so I'll just wait for the mechanic." Tom stopped smiling. He didn't like women who were so dominant in a relationship, so he did not want to play this game with her.

"Are you sure? You should know you just rejected a first-class mechanic!" Patricia was now even more interested in him. Other men would have agreed to her request without wavering for a second, but this man who stood before her refused her. She was quite shocked.

"Yes, I'm sure. Thank you for your kindness. If you want to play games, just go find someone else. I'm not interested," Tom said indifferently. He had to admit that Patricia was a beauty, but he liked soft and shy women.

"What a pity! Leena, let's go. He prefers to stay in the cold wind. We should leave him be." Tom had already made himself clear, so Patricia decided to leave. She admitted that she had a thing for him, but she was too proud to beg for his attention. She turned and was about to leave, but was stopped by Leena.

"Patricia, please help him fix it for my sake." Leena held her hands together and looked at Patricia with a hopeful expression.

"Why should I help him for your sake? Who is he?" Patricia stopped, wanting to know his name and their relationship.

"He's one of my brother's friends. Please help him!" Leena didn't tell Patricia his name on purpose, nor did she tell her that he was one of her sworn brothers. She wanted them to spend time with each other for she believed that they were a perfect match. However, if Patricia got to know that Tom was a doctor, she would not give him the time of the day.

Tom frowned at Leena's introduction and turned to look at her. He didn't understand why Leena was keeping his name a secret. But he remained quiet when Leena winked at him slyly. He believed she had her own reasons. Little did he know that Leena was trying to conceal the fact that he was a doctor to set him up with Patricia.

"I should help him just because he's your brother's friend? I'm your friend as well. Why are you not taking my side? You saw how he just

r all, you did help me fix my car. By the way, may I know your name?" Tom felt relieved upon hearing her request. He was really not interested in pretending to be her boyfriend, for he was afraid she might fall in love with him and pester him.

"Just call me Patricia. And you go by?" Patricia looked at Tom with bright eyes. She was thrilled but she kept her enthusiasm to herself. After all, she didn't want to scare him away. Tom was her cup of tea and she would not mind getting into a relationship with him.

"Patricia, we are going shopping, remember? We'd better go now! You can ask him to buy you dinner next time," Leena interrupted them in a hurry. If Tom introduced himself to Patricia, she would definitely lose interest in him. Leena grabbed Patricia's hand and pulled her to her car before she could say goodbye to Tom.

"What are you doing? He hasn't even told me his name yet." Patricia glared at Leena, annoyed. She wondered why Leena was in such a hurry. 'She said she would be on my side!' she thought. 'Since when is going shopping more important to her? She told me to pull over, but now she wants to leave abruptly. What a strange woman!'

"Don't worry. I know his name and number. You don't have to ask him." Leena dodged Patricia's eyes with a guilty conscience. 'I'm doing this for her own good. She didn't even thank me and is glaring at me instead. How ungrateful!' Leena thought.

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