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   Chapter 1227 Kevin's Emotional Side (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7617

Updated: 2019-03-02 02:31

"Well, it's just that I woke up last night and began to sketch. I lost track of time," Leena said. She walked to the closet and took out Kevin's military uniform. She never had the chance to do it before because he always went to work before Leena even got up. But since she had woken up early today, she wanted to prepare his clothes for him.

"Okay, but be careful next time. Staying up late is not good for you girls." Kevin looked at her. He walked to the bathroom and Leena made a face to his back.

"Can I drive you to the army base? Or do you want to drive yourself?" Leena asked later, when she stood on her tiptoes to help Kevin wear his tie.

"No, thanks. Lee will pick me up later. You can go back to sleep after having breakfast," Kevin said. He had to bend down because Leena insisted on making the knot.

"Has your car been repaired?" Leena buttoned up his shirt. She stepped back to admire her fit, good-looking husband. He was so good-looking that she wanted to ask him if he could become her model, but she dropped the idea. Too many girls would chase after Kevin in that case.

"Yes. I called Lee last night. Don't worry. Let's go down and have breakfast," Kevin said, putting his phone in his pocket. He took his briefcase and walked downstairs with Leena.

She would have had a good sleep after Kevin left if it was not for a call.

"What's wrong? Why did you call me so early in the morning?" Leena asked. She picked up the glass of water in front of her and stared at Patricia who sat opposite to her.

"Hey, hey. Be kind to me. I am your friend! Can't I just call you for fun?" Patricia complained. She always bossed Leena around, so she felt uncomfortable when her friend spoke so coldly.

"Then why did you ask me to come here? I have been busy lately, you know?" Leena said, yawning. She had only slept for 2 hours when her friend's call came.

"What have you been busy with? Oh, I see. You have been busy making a little baby with your husband. You must have worked the whole night, that's why you can't stop yawning," Patricia teased Leena, studying her.

"Can't you be more decent? I can't imagine what you are thinking about. I am sick of your cheap jokes." Leena rolled her eyes at Patricia. She didn't care if her remarks would

s stare. It depressed her to think that her happy and comfortable life would come to an end now that Patricia was going to live with her.

"Okay. Come on, don't worry. I have a game to go to. I will never give you an excuse to kill me," Patricia rolled her eyes again. Leena couldn't stop prattling on about various trivialities after she got married. Maybe it was how married women were; they always worried too much. Patricia glanced at her friend with disdain.

"Why the look? You think I won't dare to kill you?" Leena asked. She sat upright to show that she was not bragging.

"No, it just looks like you are increasingly becoming like my mother who never stops nagging me," Patricia said, pretending to plug in her ears. She would never get married early as Leena did. Marriage would ruin her carefree life. People rightly said that marriage was the tomb of love.

"Oh, no. I am too young to have a big daughter like you," Leena said, sighing. She wondered if she should tell Kevin about Patricia coming to their house first. After all, it was his house too. He had the right to turn her down.

"As you wish! I don't want to be your daughter either, okay? And before I go to your place, don't you think we should go shopping first?" Patricia said, giving her a meaningful look.

"What? You didn't bring anything with you before you got here? What's wrong with you?" Leena said. She wanted to kill herself for getting trapped with such a burden. Patricia was nothing like a friend. She was a bandit.

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