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   Chapter 1225 A Grave (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5288

Updated: 2019-03-02 00:25

"Bruce, do you know that Kevin came to see you again? He also brought his wife. Look! Isn't she beautiful? She is not only beautiful but also thoughtful." Mamie wiped her tears as she laid out the offerings for Bruce. It had been so many years since Bruce left that she thought she would never be sad again. However, she could not help but shed tears whenever she was on that place. Was there really a way to keep a mother's heart from breaking every time she remembered her child who died so young?

"You should be married too if you're still alive. I wouldn't mind taking care of your children. You left so suddenly that you didn't even leave me a word." Mamie murmured alone, sounding very sad.

"Bruce, are you all right over there? Do you still sing the song Green Camp every day? You know what? You were a terrible singer. You scared every comrade we had in the dormitory whenever you sang. The bad part was that you didn't care and still belted it out loud passionately. You really made us love and hate you." Kevin's voice trembled a bit as he poured wine for Bruce. It was a rare sight for someone as strong as Kevin to cry but that time, he just let his tears out.

Meanwhile, Leena stayed quiet as she had no intention of comforting Kevin. She knew that it would be better for him to have all his pain vented out. Moreover, she didn't know what was going on, so she wasn't sure how to express her feelings.

"Remember the little poplar we planted together? The last time I went back to the company, I found it had grown up. The places where we trained together have c

hat kept winding people. It shouldn't be lasting. Thus, Kevin was already calmer while they were sitting on the train as they went back to the downtown.

"Do you want to hear a story?" Finally, Kevin spoke as he looked out the train's window. He could tell that Leena had a lot of questions and he wanted to answer all those. Thus, he opened his heart to her.

"If this story will make you sad, then I won't listen. But if you want me to share your pain, I'll listen." Leena looked at him sideways and thought, 'Thank God! I thought he wouldn't talk the whole way. I didn't expect him to speak first.'

"I gave up college and went to the army without hesitation that year. I deliberately chose a company which was far from home so that I could escape my father." Kevin let out an empty laugh without gazing away from the window. On the other hand, Leena got no idea why he was still looking at the views outside. Perhaps, it could be that he was embarrassed to face her concerned eyes. Or maybe, it could be because he was lost in his memories too.

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