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   Chapter 1223 A Grave (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5756

Updated: 2019-03-01 02:12

"This place is a bit deserted and poor compared to S City. I bet you don't like it here, right?" Kevin looked up at the sky and thought the air was fresh. Unlike big cities, life in this place was slow and quiet. Staying here was like staying in a paradise which could make people feel very comfortable.

"No. Actually, the place doesn't matter. I'm happy as long as I am with you," responded Leena before looking at the very few and scattered bungalows in the distance. She did not know that there were people living in such houses two hundred kilometers away from the city.

"Let's go!" Contented with her answer, Kevin smiled gratefully and carried all the groceries they brought with them. It was a puzzle to Leena why Kevin shopped for so many goods from the supermarket last night. She got no idea of what he was up to at all.

"Let me help you," said Leena as she reached for some bags Kevin was holding. She wouldn't mind giving him a hand with those heavy bags.

"No. I can handle these." Kevin moved the groceries away from Leena as he refused. They had to climb the hillside before them and he wouldn't want Leena to get tired. It was lucky that she was wearing flat boots today since he didn't think that high heels would make their journey easier.

"Are you sure about that?" With a mischievous stare, Leena turned her head to Kevin's handsome face.

"Yes, I am sure. I don't have the gut to lie to you anyway." The man shook his head at Leena resignedly. In fact, he came here every year and was so used to doing it. Even if he was busy sometimes, he would still find time to come to this place again.

"I know that you dare not lie to me." Leena picked up an unfamiliar grass and waved it in the

t the house and thought that it was really shabby. A rich lady like her had never seen such a house. She didn't hate it. It was just she couldn't imagine how life was in a house like this.

"Yes. Let's go in." Kevin gently opened the door of the house. The house was so battered that it squeaked as he pushed it. It was the creaking sound that caught the attention of the person inside the house. Soon enough, an old lady came out as she walked happily towards them.

"Kevin, it's you! I thought you weren't coming today." The old lady said loudly. She might look old but she was sure in very good health.

"Mamie, I'm sorry. I am late today." An apologetic smile crossed Kevin's face. Bringing Leena with him this year made him walk a little slower than usual. It used to take him only half an hour to get here alone. However, it took him more than an hour since he needed to consider his wife too.

"It's okay. You're too busy. I'm so glad you come to visit me. Who is this girl? She is so beautiful!" The old lady asked happily. Rural people were very simple. Thus, she just asked what was inside her mind immediately upon seeing Leena.

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