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   Chapter 1222 Travel By Train (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7493

Updated: 2019-03-01 02:12

"Other women might beat their husbands' mistresses, but you would never do that. If I really fell in love with someone else, you would leave me without saying a word," Kevin said before standing up. He gave her a meaningful look before turning around and going upstairs. His silhouette looked lonesome.

Leena gazed affectionately after his receding figure. Apparently, Kevin knew her well enough. It never occurred to him that Leena would have a choice other than leaving quietly. If Kevin really had a mistress, she could pretend that she didn't know about it and still stay with him. She was happy as long as he was with her.

Nothing could be better than sleeping late in the winter mornings. Lying in the warm covers, Leena slept peacefully. The corners of her mouth were lifted upward. Obviously, she was in a beautiful dream. Kevin called out her name, trying to wake her up.

"Nana, get up. Let me take you somewhere." Kevin was feeling a little discouraged. He had called her name several times. Each time, she answered him faintly before falling asleep once again.

"Um... I'm listening..." Leena grumbled as she rubbed her face on the soft, warm covers. She drifted off into sleep again.

"Come on! Get up! I'm taking you to a place." Amused by her reaction, Kevin reached out to pinch her little nose.

"Stop that, naughty boy. I want to sleep." Leena probably took Kevin for someone else, for she beat his hand off and turned over in the bed, still sleepy.

"So, you don't want to get up, huh? Let's do some morning exercise then." Kevin gave her an evil smile as he jumped on the bed and took off his coat.

"STOP! I'm already up." Leena's eyes shot open at the words "morning exercise". She threw back the covers and jumped off the bed.

"Really?" Kneeling on the bed, he raised his head and stared at his adorable wife with a teasing smile on his face. It was a rare opportunity for Kevin to wake Leena up in the morning. He was extremely glad for it. Normally, she slept very late. Kevin, however, had to go to the army base very early in the morning.

"Um... Aren't you going to work today?" Leena was rather surprised. Kevin should have gone to the army base by now. But instead, he was at home and making fu

d sugarcane made her shiver.

"That's okay. You can try the baked sugarcane." Kevin smiled sadly as he mentioned this. Kevin hadn't known about the baked sugarcane until someone told him about it. However, the man who had told him was already dead. It was his memorial day today, which was why Kevin took a day off and was taking Leena to visit his friend's hometown.

"Really? I've never heard of baked sugarcane before." Leena was confused. She thought there would be no water left after the sugarcane was baked.

"Believe me. It tastes really good." Kevin gave her a tender smile and circled his arms around her. He had been separated from his friend for almost ten years now, but the latter was still very much alive in Kevin's heart.

"Kevin, would the person we're going to visit like me?" Leena was nervous about who they were going to visit. She wondered if this person was going to dislike her.

"Don't worry. She is kind-hearted and friendly." Kevin's smile was bitter. He felt guilty toward this person.

"Great! I hope she will like me then." Leena smiled, feeling at ease. Kevin seemed rather strange today and she couldn't figure out the reason for it. Leena assumed that she would know the answer once they arrived at their destination.

When they got off the train, Leena was surprised to find that they were in a little town. It was such an isolated place that there was no expressway here. She then realized why Kevin had said that they could only take the train.

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