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   Chapter 1221 Travel By Train (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7516

Updated: 2019-03-01 02:12

"Mr. Lu, you may leave now. Your wife should reflect on what happened today." Kevin didn't want to put Leena in an awkward situation, but neither did he want to spare these people easily. Otherwise, they would not learn a lesson from this.

"Sure! I'm leaving with her now. I'm sure she will reflect on her actions profoundly." Mr. Lu heaved a long sigh of relief when he realized that Kevin would not be making things difficult for them. He immediately said yes, for he was afraid that Kevin could go back on his words.

"Although it was your wife who did wrong, you too should take the blame for not having disciplined her. You must examine your actions as well," Kevin said in a cold voice. Kevin's words brought Mr. Lu's heart into his mouth. Scared that Kevin was on the cusp of changing his mind, he immediately agreed.

"You're absolutely right, Major General Gu! I will do that as soon as I get home." He was itching to leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, Kevin would not let him go so easily.

"All right. You may take your leave," Kevin said with a frown. 'Leena must be hungry. If it weren't for these people, the dinner would have been cooked by now, ' Kevin thought.

"Goodbye then. We're leaving." Mr. Lu bowed before leaving the house with his wife.

"Goodbye!" Leena cast a cold glance at Mrs. Lu. She disliked her immensely because of her arrogant attitude, but she decided to let it go. After all, Mr. Lu was a reasonable man and had apologized to her sincerely. Moreover, they were neighbors. As the saying went, it was better to save trouble.

"They finally left. I almost had a headache because of that woman," Belinda sighed and rubbed her temples. Normally, she was busy throughout the day. Today when she had finally managed to visit Kevin and Leena, she really didn't expect to witness this drama.

"Belinda, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I'm such a troublemaker." Leena bit her lower lip, terribly embarrassed.

"I'm going to the kitchen to make dinner. You two enjoy talking. The dinner will be ready soon!" Kevin took a close look at Leena's face before going into the kitchen. He felt dejected. 'Leena didn't tell me about this and even covered her wounds with make-up. She didn't want me to find out th

eena bit her lower lip, eager to know his answer.

"Well, if you get scars on your face, I will divorce you and marry another beautiful wife. So you must take care of yourself from now on," Kevin said seriously, as if he weren't cracking a joke.

"Just divorce me now and find another wife. I can't promise you that I won't get hurt in the future too." Leena wasn't angry. She gave Kevin a sweet smile, knowing that he was just mad at her injury.

"If I really do that, you would cry like a little child." Kevin screwed the cap on tightly. Tom had given Leena the scar eliminating medicine the last time she got burnt. Kevin assumed that it would work just as well this time around too.

"Bah! I won't cry like a child. I will beat the woman up so she doesn't dare to seduce my man anymore." Leena raised her fist in front of Kevin's face. At that moment, she looked like a hooligan who would kill anyone who tried to seduce her husband, not an elegant lady.

"Good for you. I hope you can be as brave as you just said." Kevin rolled his eyes at her. If Leena were as bold as she said, she would not have gotten injured so many times.

"What? You don't believe what I said?" Leena grumbled, pursing her lips. Kevin was right. If he really fell in love with someone else, she would not fight for his love. She would leave him quietly. She was willing to give him up to the woman he loved, for she believed that if you loved someone, you could do anything for him as long as he was happy.

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