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   Chapter 1220 They Were Neighbors (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6116

Updated: 2019-03-01 01:07

"It's your business to teach your family manners. I don't care how. Maybe you can get her to calm down. As the wife of a deputy director, she should at least be polite. And it's up to my wife whether or not to forgive her." If the deputy director had a bad rep, Kevin would definitely punish them severely. However, this man seemed to have a good name, so he didn't make a big deal out of this.

"Please don't worry, Major General Gu. I'll definitely send my wife to formally ask for forgiveness from Mrs. Gu." The deputy director wiped the sweat from his brow again. He had lived here a long time. But he didn't know that Major General Gu also lived here. What was more, his wife came to Kevin's house to harass him! Now she offended him. She just couldn't do anything right!

"That's a start." Kevin took a look at Leena. He worried that she might be a troublemaker at first. Now he realized that trouble found her.

"Hey! Don't just stand there! Apologize to Major General Gu and his wife, now!" The deputy director glared at his wife fiercely. They were talking about her rude behavior. So why did she just stand there quietly? Why the hell did she bother this guy?

"Major General? I've never heard of that rank.

Are you for real?" the woman asked, confused. She just could not understand why her husband was so afraid of a poor soldier. Why did he keep apologizing to him?

"Ha! No, he's a figment of your imagination." Belinda could not help but giggle upon hearing the woman's question. This woman seemed to be extremely stupid. How did she get to be an official's wife? She even did not know what a major general was.

"Don't make fun of him, Belinda. My husband is quite real, I assure you," Leena explained immediately. The thought flashed through her head that this woman might be checking him out. She dera

and use their family backgrounds as a weapon.

"Mrs. Lu, you really need to just watch yourself," Kevin said. "Try to calm down. You met us this time and we can let this slide. But if you meet somebody else, they might be even more difficult to deal with. You don't want your husband to lose his job, or worse." Belinda displayed a cold smile. She knew why Leena decided to drop this. She didn't want to cause trouble for Kevin and his career.

"Yes, yes, you're right. I'll definitely pay attention to it from now on. I'm the one who caused all the troubles today. My husband had nothing to do with it at all. He knew nothing about it. Please don't blame him." Despite the fact that Mrs. Lu still had no clue about what a major general was, she began to realize that she couldn't mess with Kevin anymore when she saw her husband be so respectful in front of the soldier. She finally apologized to Leena.

Leena wasn't bold enough to speak for Kevin. So she avoided answering that woman's request directly. She was clever and confident about Kevin. She knew he had his own opinions. "Well, I'm sure he didn't know. That's why I'm going to drop this. It's just not worth dwelling on. But it's not up to me, now."

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