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   Chapter 1219 They Were Neighbors (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5699

Updated: 2019-03-01 00:57

"Who's he calling?" The woman asked Belinda, confused. She had no clue at all why Kevin said they could deal with this thing more easily. This was bugging her a lot!

"Who do you think? He's probably ringing up your husband, Mr. Lu! You've done it now. Your husband won't be happy. You were pretty stupid to get him involved," Belinda smirked. This woman was too dumb to breathe, let alone use her head for anything else.

"Who are you? How do you know my husband's last name?" As expected, this was a serious blow to her ego. So she opened her mouth again.

"You told us, didn't you? You said your husband was the deputy director of the State Taxation Administration. I deal with them all the time. What's more, I met your hubby." Belinda could not help but roll her eyes at her. 'What a stupid woman! I'm sure her husband wouldn't appreciate cleaning up her mess. She was stupid enough to drag him into it.'

"I feel sorry for you! We could have dealt with this privately. But you insisted on going nuts. I don't think this will go well for you," Leena sighed. Her husband was bold enough to deal with the deputy mayor. Of course he wouldn't be afraid of the deputy director of the State Taxation Administration.

"Hum! Don't try to frighten me! What? You own the city? I doubt it." Although this woman was a little scared now, she still did not believe that Kevin was powerful enough to threaten her husband. She still thought they were all full of it.

"You're right, we don't own the city. But we can do something to you, at least." Belinda loved seeing justice be dished out. She was really excited now.

"Do something to me?" she said. Then, she started to yell. "Do something to me?" sh

cked her, she scratched her face. How could he just let this woman off scot free?

"Sorry! I'm so sorry! If they broke something here, or hurt somebody, I'll pay for it." The deputy director nodded and bowed unctuously to Kevin. But in his mind, he was blaming himself. He had thought that it was normal for a woman to be aggressive, so he did not pay that close attention to her rudeness. But he never expected that she would have caused these kinds of problems.

"It's not the money. Think of how this looks. You met us today. What if we were just ordinary people? Have you ever thought about the consequences?" Kevin smiled coldly. The city seemed to be having a problem with corruption. He'd seen officials take advantage of their power to bully others. It got worse the last few days. Maybe God arranged it so that he could find the guilty parties and punish them.

"Yes, you're right, Major General Gu. I will definitely be strict with my family and would never allow them to abuse others using my position," the deputy director promised, trembling in fear. He didn't dare to raise his head, unwilling to meet Kevin's eyes.

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