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   Chapter 1218 They Were Neighbors (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5775

Updated: 2019-03-01 00:25

"It's your fault for parking in the wrong spot. What? Do you think you did it right?" Obviously, the woman didn't agree with Leena at all. So she shouted again, just in case she wasn't heard by others.

"Look, I was wrong, I apologized. I even offered to pay you. What more do you want?" Leena never thought this woman would come barging into her house, so she felt sorry for Kevin. He worked his butt off on base. He came home to relax, and what did he find? This horrible woman and her gang of idiots.

"Yeah, you admitted you were wrong, so what? Apology not accepted! That's why there are cops." How the woman wished that she could go and scratch Leena's milky white beautiful face again to see how she liked being ugly. Yeah, she was young and pretty, but that didn't mean she should flaunt it. Shallow women always hated beautiful women. And that was the situation Leena was facing now.

"So what? You think you're a cop now? I should call the cops on you. You broke into my house!" Leena sneered at her. Leena hated bullies, and wasn't about to let this bully win, no matter how many men she had with her. It went against everything she believed in.

"Yeah I did. And I have every right to, just like I have every right to burn this place to the ground for you playing Miss high-and-mighty. What do you say to that?" The woman didn't take Leena's threat seriously. Instead, she just got even more aggressive. She only respected strength, and didn't believe Leena had the strength to bully her.

Leena giggled mirthlessly. "Yeah right. My house, my rules. And right now my rules say you're not allowed in here. I worked hard on this place, so you won't touch it. Get out. Now." Kevin was a soldier and it was inappro

et about this. That woman kept insisting that her husband was an imposing figure over and over but she wouldn't reveal his name. That was the key!

"Huh! You little shits! My husband is -- the deputy director of the State Taxation Administration!" The woman said and raised her chin like she was the queen at the same time. She glanced at Kevin and the others with scornful eyes.

"Oh, it's him. I thought this guy was big news." Belinda raised an eyebrow. If she rattled off another title she probably wouldn't have known him. But she could not be more familiar with the State Taxation Administration. She was a business woman after all and had close ties with the tax department. The deputy director of the State Taxation Administration was a gentleman. Quite unlike this madwoman before them now. Boy, did he marry the wrong woman!

"Y'know, I think we're neighbors. Well, in that case, we can deal with this thing more easily," Kevin said and walked over to the coffee table. He picked up his phone, checked the contact list quickly, and tapped one number. Then he pressed "send," said something over the phone in a low voice, and hung up.

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