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   Chapter 1216 Ten Times Worth Of Damages (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8620

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"What? He has gone abroad? Is it serious?" Leena asked with worry. Her brother's safety was her biggest concern.

"It's serious, but don't worry. I am sure he can handle it," Belinda replied. She assumed that her husband was distracted by some emergencies, which was why he didn't inquire much about her pregnancy. Otherwise, he would have kept in touch with her after informing her that he had arrived safely.

"Good. What about your pregnancy then? Have you gone to the hospital?" Leena whispered in her sister-in-law's ear so that Kevin couldn't tell what they were talking about.

"All right. You girls can have your little talk. I am going to look around," Kevin said, excusing himself. He allowed them some space. When Leena lowered her voice, he knew that they were discussing a secret.

"Look at what you did! Now Kevin must think we are engaging in a murky conspiracy. Why did you ask me about this all of a sudden?" Belinda said, rolling her eyes at Leena. She was glad that Duke didn't press her about the pregnancy, but didn't expect Leena to be waiting to fire questions at her.

"He's okay, don't worry! Just tell me!" Leena asked with eagerness in her voice. She knew that her husband was not as narrow-minded and suspicious as Belinda thought.

"I don't know. I haven't gone to the hospital. Besides, it's just Tom's guess. Don't take it so seriously," Belinda said, trying to put off Leena's curiosity. She didn't want to tell Leena that she had already taken a pregnancy test. According to the results, she was indeed pregnant. She was so happy by the news that she didn't go to the hospital to get a more precise assessment, in case it disappointed her.

"Belinda, is it because you are afraid of going to the hospital without Duke? How about I go to the hospital with you? It is Monday tomorrow. We can go together," Leena suggested. Even though the hospital was the last place she ever wanted to go to, she still offered to accompany Belinda. Leena was eager to know if her sister-in-law was truly pregnant.

"No, I am okay. You don't have to do that. I can go there myself if I want to. I am not like you. My legs don't tremble with fear every time I go to the hospital, okay?" Belinda said, turning down Leena's offer. If she was indeed pregnant, she wanted Duke to be the first one to know the exciting news, not her childish sister-in-law.

"No, I just hate to go there. My legs don't shake!" Leena said as she nudged Belinda, pretending to be irritated. She made sure that she didn't push too hard. After all, Belinda might be a real moth

was quite simple. He didn't know how to cook more complicated dishes.

It was not the first time Belinda had been to their apartment, but she still stood up to look around. Last time she was here, she had been focused on Leena's burned hands and hadn't paid much attention to how the place looked like.

Meanwhile, the doorbell rang. Suddenly, someone began to kick the door with rage.

Belinda hesitated for a moment before walking over to open the door. Before she could see who it was, a woman pushed her aside and burst inside along with a bunch of men.

"Hey! Who are you people? You can't just break in like that!" Belinda hissed, frowning. She could have snapped at them, but she tried to remain calm. After all, she was carrying a baby.

"Who are you? And where is that bitch? Is she hiding somewhere?" the woman yelled as her restless eyes scanned the apartment.

"What bitch? Hey, you old woman, I think you have come to the wrong place." Belinda glanced at the woman with contempt. She knew Leena well enough. Leena could certainly be impulsive and immature sometimes, but not enough to mess with this rude woman.

"What did you just call me? Old woman? How dare you call me an old woman?" the intruder said as she stared at Belinda with fierce eyes. But Belinda was not the girl she was looking for. The woman felt confused. Had she really come to the wrong place? But that couldn't be! She had asked the janitor before coming up here and checked the door plate before she marched in.

"What's wrong? What's the noise?" Kevin asked, running toward the door. He had been cooking in the kitchen and came outside as soon as he heard the sound. He didn't even have the time to take off his apron.

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