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   Chapter 1215 Leena Deserved To Be Cherished (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7169

Updated: 2019-02-28 04:55

"Okay! Can we pick up some groceries on the way home? Our fridge is almost empty." A guilty smile showed on Leena's face while she was talking. She actually planned to get the groceries herself earlier but then she woke up too late. It was already afternoon when she moved out of her bed! It was then that Kevin asked her to pick him up. Thus, she didn't have the time to shop.

"No problem! Where is Claire? Is she still home?" Kevin casually asked. He just thought of the call he had with his mother just a few minutes ago.

"No. She went to the villa very early this morning. She told me that she would call every day and be safe so we don't need to worry about her." Leena tilted her head to look at Kevin's profile. She just couldn't keep her eyes off him. He was so handsome in his military uniform.

"What? Why? Did she go there that early? Why was she in such a hurry? Didn't she know that you were really tired!" Kevin blurted out loudly without even thinking. His thoughts went on automatic and he ended up shouting what was inside his head even before he could choose his words. In reaction to it, Leena rolled her eyes awkwardly with a huge sigh. Well, he clearly knew that she was tired because of him but he didn't say a word before. Now that Claire was gone, he suddenly started to blame her little sister for tiring her when in reality, it was he who did! Ha! Why didn't he say something like this before? What a sly fox!

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Kevin glanced at her curiously. He didn't understand why the expression in Leena's eyes suddenly turned more dangerous.

"Oh. Nothing. I didn't mean to look at you that way." Leena said in an annoyed tone. Fortunately, the hickeys on her neck were barely noticeable after she woke up. Otherwise, she would surely need to put on a big scarf or hide in the apartment and turn herself into a hermit.

"What do you mean? Are you implying that you don't want to look at me?" Kevin couldn't help but tease her as he found Leena extremely cute. He was curious about what she would say. He wouldn't mind letting her know about the consequence if she answered him wrong.

isit her brother's today. Belinda was probably pregnant after all. She was anxious to know if it was true because she hadn't heard a word from her brother or sister-in-law. However, she didn't want to call them either. She needed to see them face to face. It was just too unfortunate that she didn't have that time today.

"Leena, Kevin! Why are you here?" Life was just so magical sometimes. Speaking of the devil, Leena almost jumped out of her skin when Belinda suddenly showed up. It was like Leena accidentally summoned her with her thought. Belinda was looking at the two of them in surprise too. It was more than clear that Belinda wasn't expecting this meet up as well.

"Belinda, what a coincidence! Where's my brother?" Leena looked behind Belinda for her brother but he wasn't there. She turned her gaze back to Belinda as she felt a bit disappointed.

"No need to look for him. He's not here. Your brother went abroad yesterday morning. It's about his company. He told me it was something urgent." Belinda couldn't help but feel a little guilty talking about this. Her husband had told her a thousand times to go to the hospital and have a check-up as soon as she got out of the bed. Hard-headed as she was, she hadn't done it yet. She was actually afraid to disappoint him, so she didn't go. She was worried that what was going on with her might just be a little mistake and she might not be pregnant after all.

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