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   Chapter 1213 Leena Deserved To Be Cherished (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7186

Updated: 2019-02-28 02:56

The sun was still shining brightly in the sky though it was already afternoon. The weather was kind of weird. You'd think that it would be warm because the sun was shining brightly and oddly it was not. Leena even felt a bit cold whenever the wind blew. Her face was hurting with how the wind struck it, especially on the part where her skin was scratched. To be honest, that woman was too vicious for her age. Leena wasn't sure but she thought that she could be thirty or something. It was really hard to tell because of the lady's heavy makeup. All the products on her face were perfectly hiding her true age. Thus, all Leena could do was to guess.

With her hair messed by the wind, Leena lifted her hands to tame her mane. She was not in a hurry while patiently waiting for Kevin. In fact, she was enjoying the rare free time she had to the point that she had been sporting a constant smile since she arrived.

She chose to wear something really casual today, just a simple white top, a dark gray cashmere overshirt that was cut v-neck, then a burgundy wool coat outside. She paired the ensemble with leather pants and a pair of brown boots with mid heels. She might be casual but still very astounding. She couldn't look any better with how beautiful she was.

Her back was against her car's door the whole time she was standing on that place. Since she got nothing to do, she turned her gaze on the soldiers who were guarding the door with serious faces. Her eyebrows furrowed for a second as she noticed something about the men. 'Wow! These soldiers look even younger than me!' Indeed, the soldiers were really young. It was amazing that they were already doing something meaningful for their country at such an age. The idea was so nice that Leena couldn't help but admire and respect them sincerely for it.

On the other hand, the soldiers were a bit bothered by the beautiful lady's constant gaze. It was unnerving to have someone as pretty as Leena focused on them. It was really easy to tell that they badly wanted to move though they stood still. They didn't even have any idea about how long would Leena watch them!

Meanwhile, Kevi

ding outside with her eyes focused on the gate. She looked like she was spacing out as if there was something mesmerizing her.

At that point, the soldiers who were guarding the gate all let out a sigh. The beautiful lady had been eyeing them for a very long time. Thus, they were all wondering who she was waiting for. Did this beautiful lady just come here to visit the army base? The possibilities were endless and it stressed them that their only choice was to guess. One thing more was the fact that the lady before them was just standing there. She wasn't even taking pictures or bothering anyone directly. Therefore, they couldn't ask her to just leave.

The distance between his office and the army base gate suddenly seemed like a race track to Kevin. He was almost sprinting as he moved across the place. It was only when he finally saw the huge gate that his steps slowed down. He used his hand to straighten his uniform the same time he was greeted by the soldiers at the gate. They all gave him a military salute.

"How long has she been here?" Kevin walked up to one of the soldiers and asked in a low voice. He gestured at Leena's direction and then gave each of the soldiers there a questioning look.

"She has been here for more than an hour, Major General," answered the soldier honestly. He didn't understand why their Major General was asking him about this but he didn't need to know his reasons either.

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