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   Chapter 1212 A Heinous Woman (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4993

Updated: 2019-02-28 02:44

"Ooh, I'm so scared. You think you're better than me? Do you know who my husband is? You'll regret ever laying eyes on me," said the woman furiously, teeth clenched. After failing to lay a hand on Leena after two tries, she was done. She realized that Leena was not the girl to mess with.

"It's none of my business who your husband is. I'm not into old men. You can keep him," taunted Leena. She figured the husband would be no better than his wife.

"Worried now? It's not too late to apologize." The woman flashed a delighted toothy smile. As Leena was so young, the woman figured, she could lord it over this girl.

"Apologize? Are you high? I admitted my mistake, I apologized, and offered to pay you. And you responded to all that by insulting me and attacking me. You don't need an apology, you need a straitjacket!" Leena hated to be threatened by anybody in a self-righteous manner. But unfortunately, she kept running into those types. Louisa was one of them. And today, this insane woman. 'What? Does she think she's queen of the world?' Leena wondered. Those kinds of people ordered others around like they were masters and everyone else was their slave. They were arrogant and conceited, hating everyone, no matter what. They wouldn't even get to know the people they hated. It would be a mercy if those kinds of miserable people just naturally died off, but unfortunate that breed would probably live forever, just to spite the rest of us.

"You won't apologize? Well, watch

what kind of a lesson that insane shrew would teach her. To be frank, she was even anticipating that event.

This didn't ruin Leena's bright mood, however. She felt full of joy and excited all the way to the army base. She got a little frustrated, though, when she arrived at the entrance of the army base and saw the sentries on both sides of the gate. As there was no way she could get in, she had to wait for her husband outside. So she got out of the car and leaned against the door of it in a leisurely posture, eyes fixed on the solemn gate of the army base.

But Leena managed to confuse the sentries. They had no idea who this beautiful woman was waiting for. Although Leena parked her car near the entrance, she wasn't blocking traffic. So the sentries had no reason to ask Leena to leave. As Leena didn't tear her gaze away from the entrance for a single minute, both soldiers blushed under Leena's gaze. Anyone would have the same reaction if a beautiful girl kept staring at you!

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