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   Chapter 1211 A Heinous Woman (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5843

Updated: 2019-02-28 00:25

"Okay... How much do you need?" replied Leena in a calm manner. She had seen a lot of people like this. As soon as they figured out she was rich, they'd try to squeeze every penny they could out of her.

"Ha ha! How much do I need? Nothing from you, slut! I don't need the money that you earn whoring yourself out. I'd dirty my hands just accepting it. And no, I'm not going to let you fuck your way out of this one! Not if you were the last woman on earth! I'm not that type of girl, you disgusting tramp!" The woman sneered with a cold face. Her stare was one of complete contempt. For some reason, she hated Leena. The fat girl figured that the only way Leena could have several luxurious cars at such a young age was they were gifts in exchange for sex. If she was rich enough to buy those cars on her own, there was no reason that she'd live in such a tiny apartment and not buy herself a comfortable villa instead. This woman seemed to think that those men got rich overnight, and then kept some hot mistresses around to feed their perverted appetites. She was saying that Leena had sex for money.

"What are you talking about? You think I'm a mistress having immoral relations with married men? If that were true, then you'd be a streetwalker! Besides, no man would touch you anyway, no matter how desperate they are. I certainly wouldn't. Just look at yourself! The thick foundation cannot hide your wrinkled, old face. I wouldn't sleep with you if you paid me. You're a disgusting slob!" Leena defiantly raised her chin and gave her reply. She treated everyone with respect until they deserved otherwise. She wouldn't just sit there and take it. Yes, she made a mistake by parking her car in the wrong spot. She even offered the bitch some

y, dusted herself off, and readied herself for another attack. This time, though, she would make sure she hit. It was awkward, falling like that. But Leena needed to be taught her place.

"Okay!" Leena said. "Since you're too stupid to learn the first time..." Leena, too, adjusted her stance, preparing for whatever this woman was going to bring. Leena just stayed there, keeping an eye on the woman's movement. She swiftly extended a leg, sweeping the legs out from under the larger woman. And she stumbled as a result. Fortunately, Leena grabbed her baggy clothes before she fell on the ground, and hauled her up.

"You're quick, aren't you? You have the guts to stay put, whore?" The woman launched into another tirade of abuse. She wasn't even gracious enough to thank Leena for saving her from a nasty fall.

"Stay put? That's bullshit! Think I'm stupid enough to wait for you to pound on me? By the way, watch your mouth. If you can't control it, then I'll help you shut it." This was really an unlucky day for Leena. No sooner had she left home than she met this mad woman. Who knew what her problem was, but it didn't seem like she was entirely sane.

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