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   Chapter 1210 A Heinous Woman (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5744

Updated: 2019-02-28 00:15

"Major General, that's one guy we need to watch," said a captain. He was observing the proceedings, and watched the soldier not only scale the mountain quickly, but now he was making record time getting down.

"It's too early to judge. We'll see how he does on the exams." Kevin took a closer look at him. He definitely seemed to fit the profile: fit, confident, brave. But as the saying goes: he who laughs last laughs best. This was just the first test. What he needed was the soldiers who could pass all the examinations with outstanding marks. Many difficulties awaited them. Kevin was not sure whether the man who beat everyone else would get the last laugh.

"You're right, sir. There are still tons more tests they need to take. And someone might beat him out." The captain agreed with him, perhaps a little too quickly.

"Let's wait and see!" said Kevin with a frown. Today's contest was by no means an ordinary one - some soldiers going through today's test would be recruited into Falcon. But that was a secret that he couldn't tell anyone.

"Yes, Major General. Are there more tests today?" asked the Captain in a respectful manner. Though he was much older than the young Major General, he strictly followed the protocol that a captain should abide by toward his superior. In addition to his high military rank, Kevin had won respect among soldiers for his outstanding ability. Some of this was respect out of duty, but Kevin had proved himself again and again.

"Let's leave the tests for tomorrow. They have too much on their plates today! Have them relax and rest up. They have a much harder and more challenging test coming up. Tell everyone to be ready for it," uttered Kevin with a cold smile.

pologies! You rich people think you can just walk as though you were the kings of the world, don't you? You just throw money at it and make it go away. But you're just like every other millionaire: rude!" The woman shouted in anger, with her scarlet red lips moving constantly. Vicious words flowed from her mouth nonstop. Some spittle, too.

"Madam, I said I was wrong. Mea culpa, okay? Just stop screaming, please. And you're calling me rude?" For the first time in her life, someone thought Leena was rude. If Leena were rude, what about the woman in front of her? Did she think that it was appropriate to spit to someone's face?

"Hum! Really? You should thank God that you got here in time. If I had to knock on your door, what you heard today would be ruder compared to that." The woman spoke with her chin slightly raised. Actually, she had no idea to whom the Bugatti belonged. So she asked a security guy and was told that it was the girl who owned the red Ferrari. Since she'd seen Leena driving that red Ferrari before, she knew who was responsible. So she waited there, stewing, ready to ambush Leena with a torrent of invective.

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