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   Chapter 1207 The Villa (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6529

Updated: 2019-02-27 06:16

"Leena! Please! You must help me. I can't talk to Kevin about this. If I ever brought it up, he would definitely go to the bottom of it and learn about my feelings for Rain. How can I let that happen?" pouting, Claire pleaded.

"Well... Okay then." For the first time in her life, Leena was treated like a big sister and relied on. Back in her home, she was the one to plead with her big brothers. It was refreshing now that she was the one to be pleaded with. In this circumstance, she felt like she had to agree to Claire's request.

"Thank you so much, Leena!" Claire exclaimed happily. She started to feel that it wasn't too hard to get along with Leena.

"Just say it in advance, I can't promise anything. I'll try what I can. Truth be told, I honestly don't want you to live there alone. But I'll try to talk Kevin down." Now that Leena had given her word, she had to bite the bullet and try her best.

However, things went smoother than both of them anticipated. Later in the evening, Kevin readily agreed when Leena brought it up. Kevin believed it was time for Claire to learn about independence. As they had agreed, Leena didn't mention Claire's feelings for Rain, not only because of her earlier agreement with Claire but also for the fear that it might make Claire feel worse by them peeping into her broken heart. As she understood, girls were more sensitive than men especially when they were young.

Louisa was overjoyed when she received Claire's report. Now that the rehearsal place was nailed, she stood a chance to be popular again.

The next morning, after Kevin headed off to work, Claire sneaked into their bedroom and woke Leena up. Louisa had urged her many times about the villa earlier yesterday. She could no longer delay it and had to discuss her "moving out" with Leena.

"Wha-- Claire? Gosh! It's early in the morning. I got to sleep more. I'll talk to you later..." said Leena, half asleep. Her whole body was sore

? Had anything happened between them? With that on her mind, she stared at Leena and wished to find out what she was blushed about.

"Let's do a convoy. I'll lead and you will drive after me. I won't drive very fast and you got this navigation system installed in your car. It will be easy for you to follow up." Claire's stare embarrassed Leena more. She opened the door and walked out first to avoid Claire's gaze.

Leena's villa was within the famous villa cluster built by FX International Group. The mentioned villa cluster had its occupancy rate reach 100 percent in no time after the completion of work. Surrounded by nice neighbors, it wasn't too scary for a single young lady to live there.

As they reached the place, Claire got out of the car and looked around. "Leena, why is the villa cluster called Waterside? I haven't seen any river, lake or spring around yet!" asked her wonderingly.

"Well, I don't know either but I suppose it has some special meanings, maybe a metaphor." It was only Leena's second time to set foot on the villa cluster. In reality, she had no idea about the story behind its name either.

"I see. But the scenery is still good. I guess the villas here are very expensive," said Claire as she glanced around. She started to like the villa at first sight.

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