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   Chapter 1204 I Won't Give Up (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8125

Updated: 2019-02-27 00:25

"What are you talking about? So it was you and Kevin and Leena, and who else?" Louisa took a sidelong glance at Claire as she mentioned Leena's name through gritted teeth.

"Ha! Only all the handsome guys and beautiful ladies in the city!" Claire said in a cheerful voice. She had never seen people as eye-catching as Leena's friends before. And not surprising, they were the cream of the crop.

"Bah! You're shitting us!" Louisa grumbled, pursing her lips. She puffed out her chest and tried to act self-important. 'There can't be more hot guys here than at the capital city. And I don't think the big shots here would be friends with Leena, ' thought Louisa.

"Believe it or not, there were tons of great guys there — the president and vice president of FX International Group, the president of Leng Group, and the most skilled doctor in the city. And oh yeah, my brother and Gerard too." She sounded like she was intentionally bragging. Because she was. Claire was ecstatic to have hung out with so many extraordinary people.

"What? Gerard was there too? Oh my god! Leena was brazen enough to bring her ex to meet her husband. Wasn't she afraid of pissing Kevin off?" Louisa asked with a teasing smile, but deep inside, she was really envious of Leena. She was way better than her. This was so unfair! 'Why is Kevin so nice to the bitch? She even brought her husband and ex together. Kevin should dump her right now!' she thought.

"What? Who told you Gerard was Leena's ex? Louisa, don't talk this nonsense to my brother. He won't like that." On hearing Louisa's words, Claire was now ticked off. The past few days with Leena were awesome. The more time she spent with Leena, the better she knew her. Leena was not a bad person at all. Why did Louisa hate her so much?

"I already told him. But he's completely captivated by the bitch! He chose to believe her instead of me. No wonder people say 'love is blind.'" Louisa couldn't help but complain to Claire. 'Why did Kevin choose that bitch instead of me? I'm hotter, better educated, more regal — I'm better in every way. Kevin must have been blind to choose her. I can't let Kevin live like this! He deserves a real woman," thought Louisa.

"That's where you're wrong. If you told the truth, my brother would have trusted you." Claire was hesitant about what Louisa had mentioned. Though Louisa was her friend, Claire didn't believe everything she said. Sometimes s

ith him and Leena. It was rare that he had a morning meal with his wife and sister. Of course, when he went looking for her, all he saw was a chaotic mess of clothes and no Claire.

"I'm sorry, Kevin. I forgot to tell you that Louisa asked me out. I'm with her now." Claire blinked a bit in anxiety. She felt guilty about lying.

"Well, okay. You two have fun and be safe. You have a problem, I'm just a phone call away." Kevin was a little annoyed when she told him. He didn't like Louisa. If she weren't the commander's daughter, Kevin wouldn't even talk to her. But Claire and Louisa were friends. Kevin couldn't forbid Claire from seeing Louisa. All that would do was make Claire go out in secret to meet her.

"Got it! Bye, Kevin!" Claire answered with a sweet smile. She had spent a lot of time with him lately, and now she was closer to him than ever. Kevin was reliable and always had her back.

"Alright! Bye!" After hanging up, Kevin took another sip of coffee and walked towards his bedroom to check if Leena had woken up yet. He was so drunk last night that he didn't even remember getting back. When he woke up this morning, he felt good, seeing Leena sleeping in his arms.

"Hey, your brother didn't find out, did he?" Louisa asked as she was afraid that Kevin might know what they were up to and stop them. Then, everything she was working for would fall apart.

"Come on, you heard what I said." Claire was a little irritated by Louisa's suspicious look. 'If you don't trust me, why did you ask me to join in?' she thought to herself. The better she got to know Louisa, the less she liked her.

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