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   Chapter 1201 A Beautiful Baby Sister (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7769

Updated: 2019-02-26 05:38

Sexy World was as busy as usual. This was a seductive place and the music was deafening. They were all bombarded by the booming noise of the place as soon as they stepped in. It could be because they hadn't been in this place for so long that they forgot how to get used to it as they were before. Fortunately, they had their own private box and didn't have to worry about being disturbed.

"Is Tom telling the truth?" Duke asked as he approached his wife.

"What are you talking about?" Belinda pretended that she didn't understand what Duke was saying. She was too shy to discuss such private matters in public. Although others might not be able to hear what they were saying, she would still not want to discuss this thing with Duke in a place like this.

"Woman, don't act like you don't know what I mean." Duke smiled playfully and thought, 'Maybe she's not sure whether she's pregnant or not.'

"I really don't know what you're talking about. Oh! Look! Rain is so upset now. Would you like to sing a song with him?" Belinda looked at Rain as she tried to divert Duke's attention. She thought that Duke might forget about their topic if he sang with Rain.

"I don't care! There are so many women here. He can just take anyone he wants. It's none of my business," replied Duke angrily, thinking 'I could have taught her a lesson if there weren't so many people around. Shouldn't she know the consequences of provoking me.'

"I just said it because I thought you are worried about Rain." Belinda gave a sly smile. As long as Duke was not talking about pregnancy, then she didn't really mind if she annoyed this short-tempered man.

"Okay. You are making me mad now. You need to tell me, why are you doing this? If I remember it correctly, your period is already half a month late." Duke's words were stern and slow. He spoke in no hurry and what he said almost tipped Belinda off with surprise. How on earth did Duke know about her period? Did he write it down somewhere?

"Well... Duke, why do you know about my period?" Dumbfounded, Belinda looked at him doubtfully and asked stupidly. It was said that women who were pregnant tended to be a little stupid. If so, then it seemed like Belinda might actually be pregnant.

"You know, I am a man." Duke responded in a mysterious tone as he thought, 'Of course,

gh like she didn't need their protection anymore.

"I'm sorry. Sometimes, I would say that when I'm chatting online, so I accidentally say it." Leena blushed and explained. Her brothers' stare at her instantly made her uncomfortable. Thus, she tried to look for an escape. 'It's Patricia's fault. She always says these kinds of words, so I learned them under her influence.'

"Okay. Okay. There is no need to explain. I see what you mean." Belinda was just so happy tonight that she couldn't stop laughing.

Just then, someone suddenly knocked on the door. Then the box door slowly opened as the manager came in with a few beauties. It was too late for him to run back out when his eyes landed to the group that was all staring at him. He automatically turned pale with fright. He was surprised that there would be women in the box!

"Manager Tang, what's the matter?" Edward asked coldly as he looked up at the beauties behind him. Then he thought, 'This guy was trying to sell us beautiful women? Unfortunately, we all got married now.'

"I am so sorry! We're in the wrong box. President Mu, wish you have fun tonight. We'll leave you alone." Manager Tang wiped the sweat from his forehead and thought, 'It's all on those bitches out there. They only told me that President Mu was here but they didn't tell me they all brought their wives. I wouldn't be so embarrassed if they told me on set!.'

"Wait a second." Daisy said coldly, looking at one woman brought by Manager Tang. If she was right, she seemed to have met someone she knew.

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