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   Chapter 1200 A Beautiful Baby Sister (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7717

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"You know what? I have always dreamed of being a lazy bone. I may have my own career now but this is not what I want. Being a strong woman just looks good to other people. Most of the times, I need to figure out how to fix problems with my career all by myself." A gentle sigh escaped Belinda's chest. Frankly, what she wanted was to live a simple life without being disturbed by anything or anyone. She just wanted to dress nicely every day.

"You can live the life you want even if you are not pregnant. Duke is a capable man. I'm sure that he can run two companies at the same time. Besides, he has an assistant and a secretary to help him. It won't be hard for him." Daisy smiled and thought, 'There are many people who would be desperate to have Belinda's position. However, she is just looking at her position as a burden that she wants to throw away.'

"I haven't discussed that with him and I don't really know his thoughts. Will the companies merge into one once he becomes the sole CEO? I am fine with that but my parents might have a problem with it," Belinda said these words with a bit of confusion. She believed in Duke but it would be hard to run two companies. He might be irritated once asked to run two companies full-time. Thus, she would wait until Duke decided on the matter by himself.

"If you really don't know what to do with that then you might want to discuss it with Duke. Like what I said, he is a reliable man. He won't take anybody else's stuff and drive its owner away as other men do." Daisy looked at her sideways and thought, 'A proud man like Duke isn't interested in anything that doesn't belong to him. Plus, his family is wealthy enough so he won't be interested in YS group's assets. Many would do that, but definitely not someone as proud as Duke.'

"We'll talk about it later. Let's go back before they get worried." Belinda shrugged. She was just complaining anyway. It would not be easy giving up her own career after all.

"It's up to you. Let's go." Daisy took Belinda's arm and smiled softly. Just like all the other women in the world, she dreamed to have a man who was worthy of her tenderness too. She wouldn't mind stepping out of the limelight for him. She even thought that every woman would think the same for the sake of their own humble and pitiful

ent home after dinner. Justin was reluctant to leave at first but Daisy's stern look made him follow what he was asked.

"Is Daisy the wife of President Mu?" Claire curiously asked Leena as they sat in the back seat of the car. She had exchanged a few pleasantries with Edward during dinner but she couldn't seem to take his handsome face out of her mind even after the meal.

"Yes. Haven't you noticed it?" Amazement was all over Leena's face when she turned to Claire. Claire and Gerard had a good chat with each other just a few minutes ago. It was like they had known each other for a long time.

"I'm afraid I'm wrong." An awkward smile cracked Claire's lips. It might sound odd to say but the closer she came to the life of these people, the more she felt her self-esteem going down. All the while, she felt like she was a noble rich lady who was being respected wherever she went. However, it wasn't the case, she was not at all. Thus, she was nothing.

"Honestly, he is a very good man but arrogant. He is indifferent to people he doesn't know but he will be nice to you if you get to know him," sighed Leena softly. Edward's indifference to Kevin was a very good example of how Edward reacted to things. If Kevin had told Edward that he would marry Leena in advance, then Edward wouldn't have treated him so coldly.

However, Kevin didn't really care about how Edward treated him. He knew that gaining something also meant losing something. Therefore, there was no need for him to care about what others thought of him.

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